PS4 - Lags and other server problems

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: Everywhere

Hello Funcom,

I´ve read many topics. Thralls which cannot be healed, not usable warpaint, light armor journey bug… this all don´t interest me. Of course a good quality management could have find such bugs before launch but I think this can be fixed in further patches. No problem.

What really interests me is to play without lags on the servers. To find servers I can join. Some in our group aren´t able to find our private server or to connect to it because of a 999 ping.
Whats the matter with the lags/performance? Who cares for that? Who is responsible? Funcom? GPortal? PSN? I want an official answers for that! Please do anything to fix that or to clarify who is responsible.

kind regards


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