PS4 official server #3733

Game mode: Online
Problem: Cannot remain connected online
Region: ?Pacific?

Once again after an update is released, I cannot log onto the online game on MY PS4 and remain connected. If I actually make it on, I am disconnected almost immediately with the message “lost connection to server”.
This only happens on my PS4. If I drive a mile to my brother’s house, I can log onto my game and play. It seems to be a bug between the official server and my specific PS4. I do not understand this problem and why it occurs with EVERY patch/update.

I have:

  1. removed game & reinstalled it…to no avail
  2. made sure my PS4 was completely updated…to no avail
  3. reset my modem, both online (thru provider) and in home…to no avail
  4. deleted all game data & run a new (clean) game to make sure there’s no corrupted data…to no avail

I’m out of ideas here. Any ideas on how to fix (& keep it fixed)?

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Are you talking about the recent Sony update.? Have not seen anything from Funcom in awhile.

it sounds like an issue with your modem/router. How is this FC fault?

If you are able to play in a different location its only logical its something in your house that is the problem…

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I might have come off as a jerk in my last post without giving any helpfull tips.

If you know how to log into your router and tweak with it. You should try turning off the firewall or see if your DNS is set correctly. It could be many things a simple google search will lend you many options on things you can do to optimize PS4 gaming experience.

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