[Ps4]"Official Unofficial PVE-Conflict Server #6666" (East USA)

The “Official Unofficial PVE-Conflict Server #6666” for PS4 is online. It is still very early and has a few active players (usually 4-5 online at a time in the evening). The server has a max 20 players at a time and is never “full” so there’s no wait to play.

I am a “hands off” admin. I created the server because PvE Conflict servers have problems with griefers blocking areas (it has pvp so there is an edge to compete but no way to break down the walls). I am active daily so if you ever see someone spamming pillars or the like feel free to message me. The server is PAID for the rest of Summer so it is guaranteed to stay online.

I am “ID_N13” on PSN. The server has a PSN community and a discord. Feel free to join either. kQHUdA3

There is a mix of population on the server. Some players will kill you on sight. Others are friendly.

Almost all of the settings are vanilla/default. Speed is 1x most things. Harvesting is 2x. Containers ignore owners. Doors are locked though. PVP is ON ALWAYS. Damage vs. blocks/bases/etc. is OFF ALWAYS.

English is the primary language.

Adults only.

Search #6666 to find the server.

This server state is only 1 day old. Most players are under level 10. Great time to start if you are looking for a PS4 server.