[PS4]Unofficial server #6666 PvE Conflict

NEW PS4 PVE-CONFLICT SERVER (damage players only!)

I started this server because I became tired of exploring for new areas only to run into a wall that is clearly blocking large amounts of content (resources, monsters, etc.) This is abused worst on PVE Conflict because there is a drive to compete in PVP but no way to break down the walls. I’ll actively admin the server to make sure I can handle griefers. Which leads to the other thing my server provides: Communication and Support.

Nobody talks on the official servers so I created a PS4 Community Group to go with the server. By providing a group that people can join we can host server-wide parties for discussing that which is best in life.

The server is up at all times and paid through summer for up to 20 people at a time. It usually has less than 10 people on at a time. There is NO WAITING. It is located in the EASTERN UNITED STATES.

If you need help, feel free to msg me on PSN too



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Update still only a few mud huts built so far. Admin only intervenes in situations where someone spams pillars or abuses walls. Normal pace and official settings are used except pvp = 24/7 and no damage to buildings.

interesting … even very
I will come in today, I will definitely come
if I see the list of servers :slight_smile:

One problem … English is not native - Belarus

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No problem. Just search 6666 or unofficial to find server in list. Enjoy!

Update a couple people have joined but everyone is still low level. Pvp is on 24/7, building damage off, rest is default. Server on all times. Search for unofficial or 6666.

Update: the server has a few regulars. I’m not sure who the highest level is but someone passed yesterday around level 30. Most are 10-20.

I’m building a new base camp for players striking north. Benches will be public, cooking fire, water well, etc.

Search 6666, unofficial, or friend psn Id_n13 if you need help (eye dee underscore en thirteen).

Just a quick note to all the server members. For some reason G-portal took the server offline today (maybe for the update?). I’m sorry if you tried to access the server and it was off. IT IS NOW ONLINE!

Thanks again for your patience, hope to see you in CE!