PS4 Online Private-Join Me :) PVE-purge

Looking for some dedicated people to play with. This is a online private server which means you only have access when I am logged in. But good news I am always logged in :). Usually Mon-Fri after 3pm till whenever and weekends anytime when messaged. This is the only way to make a free server without payment.

This will be PVE only and purges. No pvp, to ween out the trolls ruining months of hard work. However there will be PVP access on certain times and days if the group grows!!! Welcome seasoned and noobs :slight_smile: . ADD ProjectAlice02 on the PSN network and let’s start playing!!!

Hello, not sure if you’re interested but I created a PvP server today on Conan with boosted purge. It’s possible to get a purge maybe 2 everyday. Im offering everyone who joins a T4 starter pack with a T4 fighter thrall to get started. If you’re interested add me on Psn: OldeN07 and

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