PS4 Patch (03.09.2019) - Battle Standards, New Weapon types, further balancing and more!

I am at your side… I was farming the damn cave so often, because I never got the chest piece… And for what? For nothing, as I dont wear it anymore… Put it on yesterday and the difference between my normal flawless armor was so small, that I put it back in the chest (the Sobek).

Maybe it was too good, as most were running around in it. But now its just… Waste of space. If the nerf or as FC said it “balancing” would only be half of it, then it would still be good…
And that you cannot dye it was the next thing.

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No, both made before the update.

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Hate the changes to two handed long sword. (sword of the adventurer) has been rendered useless due to the lag time between swings. NPCs swarm and kill character and no chance to fight back because you are stuck in lag time.

What really amazes me is how little FUncom cares about its PvE community.

Now we get to put up with challenges all day long instead of getting our carebear jollies.

Thanks for degrading the game in favor of the gankers.

Witch Queen tamed thrall is totally screwed after update. Reduced down to 100hp and won’t follow, can’t be placed - is totally stuck where she stands. All applied armour and weapons(?) get stuck on her and can’t be retrieved. Please resolve this.

Personally, I can only say that it runs at 100% and I was able to download the new DLC immediately without any problems.

Thank you Funcom for more fun on the game and your commitment to the players.



@Jaxnreamo admin spawned witch queen has been like that for months. You will likely have to turn on pvp to get rid of her. And get her killed.

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The ping of a server is based off 2 factors your Internet service and They’res if u want a better ping try upgradeing your Internet service to a beter package and adjusting internet settings with a ethernet cable witch ever one you have cat 5 or cat 6 7 whatever your recommend the best out of those you have with the google port enabled i believe there is 2 u can 1st is 2nd and your router has them and supports make sure your useing the 5G ethernet ports not the 2g cause 2g sucks 5G is way better it’s a hastle i know but if you want better it’s what you have to do

Good DLC, that brought many problems with new stuff… u need to manage it, guys… keep going :slight_smile:

Why would you turn pikes into spears? Weren’t they two different weapons for a reason? Started new game and was hoping for my iron pike to sweep some crocs and exiles, then nope… pokies. Ugh. VERY unsatisfied, because in my (20 hrs lol) experience, the pike shows to be the best weapon and now it’s the worst. Crocs, move and bite, hyenas move at lightning speed, and everything else just ignores, or move slightly. Did I forget to mention the 2+ groups? Yeah… I run into groups a lot. . Made a great weapon horrid. Please… make the spears back into pokies and the pikes into sweeps. Please?! I’m tired of using Severed Legs (XD). Thank you for having this so I can put feedback.


Update: the R1 attack. Not the R2. Using it because it’s all I have. :confused:

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Have you tried the 2 handed sword since update. Seems to make a wider sweep than it did.

You do know u can just ignore the pvp request right? Wow the ignorance knows no bounds u can also just get your own server its not difficult man i mean really are people still wasting They’re time with public servers


I like to play on a public server.
You do not have to worry about Server Wipe and there are no administrators.
(except the officials)

In addition, most private servers are boosted, which I personally do not enjoy, that means for me rather that the players can nothing and do not want to invest diligence to create something. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s not working pick/nife if time is over 2:43, you need repair tool and make new oil

So after firing up the game for the first time in a week, i can now give feed back on what i have messed with.
2H sword—at first, i was like uggggggh. But after playing and practicing different techniques with it, i have found it to be okay. Mixing light and heavy seems to be the trick on NPC groups, as the stamina usage difference between light and heavy really removes the old school Heavy spamming. My guess is it will be like this on other weapons as i play a little more with them. Animations are a little slow, but otherwise, i found myself thinking more in the fight against NPC’s. No PVP yet though, wo will have to hope to put that to test soon :slight_smile:
2h Axe—the light chops i like, but the spin feels like i am in molasses. I figure that is to keep it from being easily cheesed though. Would love a RNG knock down (similar to the cripple for some weapons) in the heavy swing though. Be nice to occasionally see a NPC get backed off when in a cluster.

The hit boxes seem wonky as well.

Hopefully we get debuffs effects added so we can see how they apply.


Every update keeps making crowd control harder which leads to getting hit a lot more than you need to, which leads to spending most of the early game waiting for your health to recover, and in late game spending lots of valuble resources healing and repairing armor. This all makes combat more of a chore than a selling feature. They got rid wide attacks on the pike, and knockdown on pike and greatsword R1 finishers. If the devs ever played this game from lvl1 to 60 without using god mode or exploits they would realize what a terrible job they are doing in regards to rebalancing.

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The only good change was the 180 degrees attack in the begining of the heavy string, other than that they should have kept the light combo finisher which was a near 360 leg sweep with knockdown and cripple. Before this update my crowd combo was R1>R2>R2>R1

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My combo style is R2, R2, R2, R2.

I think R1 is just too weak and L2 was this ridiculous kick that brought nothing anyway.

All the time I read only complaints.
My clan and I are very pleasantly surprised by the update.

I would recommend that you do not see it as a life’s work, just go relaxed and just let it go.


hello, today at 5:50, 30 minutes after server restart we lost many stuff in base where we sleeping.
Eight chests lost stability and all stuff inside lost. I playing since about 1 year and this happend first time.
What did you do funcom in last update? I want buy dlc year 2, but what happend is scared me.
Official server pvp