PS4 Patch (12.09.2019) - Crash, balancing and oil fixes

Hey everybody,

We’re releasing this new patch mainly aimed to address most of the issues introduced by the latest update. We’ve identified and addressed the main causes for crashing. We’ve also ironed out some problems with oils and fittings and also added a few balancing changes for hardened steel bars and the Annihilator. We’ll still be monitoring stability after this patch, so please let us know below if you experience any problems.

Thank you community for your continued feedback and support.


  • Fixed a crash that would happen randomly when the game was loading item data.
  • Fixed a crash issue regarding inventory transactions.


  • Fixed an issue that would allow oils to be stacked.
  • Oils cannot be applied to gaseous orbs anymore.


  • The Recipe for Hardened Steel Bars have changed: Now it requires 1x Steel Bar + 1x Black Ice
  • Fixed an issue where Exceptional and Flawless Items could be crafted without having the correct feat unlocked.


  • The Annihilator weapon has been rebalanced and no longer has 100% armor penetration.
  • Thralled NPCs cannot be knocked out anymore.


  • Fixed several issues regarding the Oil and fittings items.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soothing buff would grant too much health regeneration.


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.


This sucks. I thought this was a great siege and war fare tactic. Gonna miss poaching :confused: Guess the rich clans just get richer and richer, and the ones who can’t play as often have 2 options now for PVP, gamble on a private that might shut down, or just shut down all together and move to another game. This is now on my list of things that used to make the game fun. That list is starting to out weigh what is fun.


My base defense has been halved by this as well all my archers have blunted arrows to knock enemy thralls out but no longer

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Yeah. Knocking out thralls was actually a friendly way of raiding. If i knock out 30 thralls to get in your base, i more than likely wouldn’t waste time dragging them all back to a thrall wheel. So now i guess it is wipe everything lol. Plus, it was a great tool to clear out floating thralls after a clan left.


Oh yeah that’s gonna be fun invincible archers floating in the sky

You still have acid arrows to destroy big number of thralls

Lol try to acid arrow some godbreaker thralls see what happens

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This change only helps players who aren’t good at pvp and rely too much on thralls.

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Not really , they nerfed it so much, it would take longer than bleeding them out with firespark arrows. The knock out allowed for get in get out for small, newer clans. Now, raiding is even more tilted to all day players, not just resource wise, but raid time wise. There is a large gamer base that does not play the game, because 6 hours 7 days a week is not fun to them. So the few who do live with being wiped on a occasion just to get in the occasional battle and fight a few nights a week are now basically hog tied to either dupe or quit.

I am curious why it was necessary to take away the recipe for Hardened Steel using Steel + Brimstone? It’s great you can use Black Ice but everyone that has been using brimstone must adapt , once again to these changes that just “needed” to be done (?)

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They buffed the throughput of hardened steel and made black ice more used than just for building pieces.

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Can you explain this a little better, I don’t speak English


Well, Im happy Black Ice has more use… imho, Coal isnt used much for anything anymore… so when will they change it so we need to mix coal with some recipe all have used since beta? So the “Simple” statement seems a stretch when other resources were crippled long ago in recipe changes. We are “simply” adding Black Ice for more use? :slight_smile:

I honestly will adapt as I have since all platforms and beta… its just the fact of altering routines and plans for “builders” which is Not so simple at times depending on your location as Im sure you are well aware has implications where ever one is on the map.

Just a simple opinion. I give this change a -1 or thumbs down

I only play PvE but it is a pity as this game is getting further broken with patching, first the Sword of Crom, now the Sword of the Warmaker Dungeon.
I think I’ll stop playing and look for a new one. :sleepy:

And most of all the nonsense with the black ice, no sulfur, a steel manufacturer would lie on the floor laughing.

Black Desert should be good.


I use coal as fuel everywhere… What other use do you want with it?

Was there any reason to REMOVE the old recipe for hardened steel?
This is what I dont understand…

PvP users (or anyone) could use the new recipe with black ice and/or the others can use brimstone (or simple both).

Or do you want to force people into the north (or warmaker dungeon), as you could get plenty amount of brimstone and steel from killing NPCs, but NOT black ice?

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I did a numbers comparison if you were to farm for hardened steel.
Old Recipe
Each run takes about 20 minutes. So 1 hour farming time, cooking done while offline.
Iron run Gods Claw/mounds—15,000
Hid run Safari — 4500
Brimstone run Lakes only — 4500
Iron cooks to 7500 bars
tar and brimstone 3000 steel fire (gotta save 1500 brimstone for hardened).
Steel 1500
Hardened Steel 750
another 1 runs of iron will net you 1500 hardened steel bars.

New recipe
Iron run Gods Claw/mounds—15,000
Hid run Safari — 4500
Brimstone run Lakes only — 4500
black Ice Run --frost temple – 15,000
Iron cooks to 7500 bars
tar and brimstone 4500 steel fire (can use all the brimstone).
Steel 1500
Hardened Steel 1500
Another 2 full iron runs will net you 4500 Hardened steel bars

So basically for actual farm time (estimates)
Old Recipe = 1500 Hardened steel for 1 hour 20 minutes of farm time (18 bars per minute)
New Recipe = 4500 Hardened steel for 2 hours of farm time (37 bars per minute).

2 times the amount of hardened for my play time. I will take that.


I’m honest with you, hardened steel I have used a maximum of 2-3 times. I have not used it for a long time because the weapons were all crap and you get better stuff from the Nameless City, even with lvl 30 and a good thrall.
I only use legendary weapons and armor from the DLCs.:wink::v:t4:

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Yeah, it is mostly if you are going to build a massive army of fighters on PVP you need hardened steel. Flawless Epic Heavy Armor. God Breaker is great, but not efficient for mass army farming.

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I already said it. It’s twice as fast.

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