PS4 Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But…by Crom! There’s even more?!

I have a good follower, Broodwarden Raiss 13k HP armor 1254.
New lvl system rulez :heart:

“Fixed a couple of issues that would prevent player characters and NPCs from playing sounds correctly during battle situations.”

please add an option to mute them again. The game was so much more fun without being yelled at over and over by every NPC that wants to fight. Something separate from player “voice” sounds. Reducing the “Voice” volume control would also effect the ability to hear other players nearby.

You are this type of ppl thet freek me ut. I’am not soure if you whas one of the player thet whant the fighet sound’s in firste place. I whas and 75% other. And you have too bee negative :no_mouth:

Why not just give us back our roll system before the updated patch, no one has used agi for anything I never used it because it was never needed why place something in that wont do any good for anyone now, when they have to now re-stat all their builds to work with this new agi rolling system its stupid.

LOL. ok new patch, new experience, refresh the spirit, restart the game after reinstalling…
Intro still bugged, creation still bugged (invisible character on the cross)… ok who cares lets go.
Naked in the desert ok, lets go, lemme check the menù…
my character is bugged and it is not cropped inside his menu frame,
I can’t believe this,
How do you manage to break more and more thing as you progress in every patches?

Ok I’m only 2 minutes in the game, let’s go searching for the rest of the bugs.

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Hello everyone! Yesterday I found my first horse! I had to wait a while to catch it, because it was walking on a almost vertical mountain wall! Do you think we could parkour while in horseback?!

Esta actualización solo sirve para ir a farmear han jodido todo lo que era el pvp lo único que tenían que hacer era poner los caballos no liarse a cambiar lo que ya está bien


@WhatMightHaveBeen, thank you. Must have missed that in my first read through.

Noticed that pieces on the lemurian warrior set still don’t have 2 pips of resistance like the DLC sets do

Thanks for answer, understood. But unfortunately this is so sad, because I spend a lot time to find my followers…

How come u have not fixed the bow pen bug all u have to do is shoot arrow s kill yourself and repeat till you’re arrows have 100% pen I’m very unhappy that u don’t fix these problems this is game braking bug and it’s been 4 days and it s not fixed think if had enough .

The main problem is: Why do previous things have even ANY influence on NEW things.

The thrall 100% -> 40% bug for example.
The healing effect is also caused by soothing stacking

And the arrows the same. Why is there even such a mechanic in the game??

Most weapons are now no more value if you find them.

The bastard sword has only 51 DMG from 64 DMG now

Really? Omg… I got one 2 days before the patch and didnt mod it…

Have to check…

But why this overall nerfs for weapon? We players make way to low dmg against bosses anyway…

Edit: yeah… only 51. Was that even in the patch notes?

@Hugo or @Ignasis is the dmg reduction of the Lying bastard sword intended or a bug?

Also the durability is lower? Only 1350 anymore? Why??
AP is also nerfed. From 23% to 9.5%… woow…

Why do you nerf a UC weapon?

To clarify on this, it was an intentional adjustment that was taken into consideration with the changes to 2H swords that have been shared in the patch notes.

Always remember that any constructive opinions regarding balancing changes are very welcome! Do post these in the Suggestions board and we’ll be sure to bring them up with the developers for further consideration should there be enough traction gathered through the post.

And thats why it is the only 2h sword which got nerfed?

Even tough it has the moveset of an Axe and you wield it in 1h? That explanation didnt make much sense (to me) :smiley:

And you have to understand: This weapon was and is still a pain in the ■■■ to farm!! I had OVER 500 fragments of power until I got one.
I never saw a thread that ANYONE complained about that sword.

So, no, I dont understand this “balancing” at all. Not even 1%.

Edit: Made a new thread. And didnt word it bad (at least I hope it :smiley:

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Pls, fix the bug in the smite and armour benchmark, and size of character and thrals. is hard to do some itens with this bugs, and how to work mount? i dont see any advantage in pvp, just more fast to run, i think its help a little with damage, but is just? or help in another atribute?

TheThey are working on the work benches next patch most likely


I have another question.

The changelog says that:
The critical hit from Doomhammer and Act of Violence and Sharkbite is now much less severe.

But ingame not any of this 3 weapons have crit chance as effect/bonus. Is that a visual glitch/error or is the crit chance completely removed?