PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread

One last thing, if you pay attention. MOST!.. Servers for Conan Exiles suffer a 80-130+ PING, which is god f’ing awful for an online game. Optimal PING is something like 30-40 or even 50-70, which barely causes any issues… But 80 and 100, you can start to see MAJOR issues, screen tearing, rubber banding, lagging in general…

Conclusion, don’t make a smart ■■■ comment if you aren’t educated on the topic.

Kiddo you realize you took my words the wrong way and now are trying to fight a person who was never trying to fight, just calling a shtty idea out?

Stop trying to act so hardcore because words do not display how far someone would actually go in person.

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And why would I waste any more breath talking to you when you’ve already proven you’re too ignorant to research latancy, lag, P2P, and other things… You refuse to educate yourself, so why should I talk to you?..Peace out, pal.

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Your refusal to talk just proves my point. Plus I find it sad that a 38 year old is acting like a kid. Il tell you what many people need to understand. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean that’s how it is.

You feel you were attacked? Well that’s on you but my post weren’t attacks. So your own fault for jumping to conclusions.

but of course people see what they wanna see and can’t admit when their wrong. Note that I’m talking about you feeling attacked not the lag.

I’m pretty dam sure they can fix it. How Ive no clue but it’s not my job to figure it out.

Do whatever and have a good day. But don’t tell me I attacked when I didn’t. You have no idea what my intentions were when I wrote that. You can not speak for me. Il gladly accept you saying you didn’t like what I said or how I said it. But don’t tell me what I did or didn’t do.

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Never said it was an attack, just said it was you being an arrogant s##t and attacking my character, not me… FINAL COMMENT.
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Well I’m sorry you saw it that way. But ya have a good day.

I have to agree that erasing the online portion of this game is not the answer. What we experience here is not lag. My server reports with around 30 ms rountrip latency and i still have severe rubberbanding, teleporting of everything that moves. A high ping alone dosn’t create teleporting this bad. There is alot of package losses due to the fact the servers can not process everthing in time. They are simply underpowerd.

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Game mode: [Online-Ps4Pro]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Critical Game Balance Issues]
Region: [EU-PvP Official #3134]

[Hello, it’s been about 2 weeks I’m playing Conan Exiles and joined the forum community, so now I would like to post some feedback / bug report about what I’ve experienced so far.

First of all I’d like to start with positive report, apparently the game evolved in a greater thing since it’s launch considering bugs and performances wich mean it’s actually been taken care of wich is great. The game has got deep mechanics and many things to do in, that’s probably why people like me stick with it. It has some very very good things inside it and some other bad ones on the other hand.

Game Balancing Issue - Thralls :

As a new player I don’t feel comfortable with volcano yet, to me volcano NPC nerf is clearly unbalanced, from 74XX HP to 6700 feels bad because if you are comfortable enough with taming inside the volcano you should get the best NPC’s there. It’s the most dangerous place, and the further/last place you get in when going through the game.

You can still have 74XX NPC out of the unamed city, but worse, from Sepermeru, wich is the first place I went to talk to some people following the challenges. Not balanced since it’s a starting area and now have stronger NPC’s than in the Volcano. I should also add that now the best ones must be the carrying ones, as they have 9900 hp, hit as hard as the Volcano ones, and can carry so many things on themselves, this is unbalanced aswell because their purpose is to carry things not to be NPC’s MVP’s and fill up all the requirements.

I also feel like NPC’s should be way weaker than now, they feel totally broken in every possible way. With a good NPC you could just leave him to kill any boss of the game without helping him, I’ve seen one single NPC killing 20+ animals from a base during a raid aswell. (Crom Sword + 800 heavy armor) They should never be able to do that at all, it’s ruining every boss interest/strenght and imagine how absurd a team of 10 players with 10 NPC’s like this raiding a base would be. Players should always have to help their NPC’s in order to keep them alive, even for the strongest ones, in the 2 exemples given up there.

Bug - Thralls :

Today, 2 of my thralls died for no reason while supposed to follow me. In the event journal it’s just written : Name of the NPC belonging to clan name perished. Some long term player told me sometimes they just die from falling off of somewhere, the first one I found him in a very flat area, the second one is lost Because I haven’t seen it at all and I thought it just returned to base. How can they even fall, as they just teleport from one point to another 90% of the time? For me it’s just a broken bug, either you should see them actually following you and you would have to take care of em not falling, or they shouldn’t take damages from that at all.

Bug - Thralls :

I tried today to break in my allies base during raid hour, they are the server alphas and have 50 + NPC’s (animals, warriors and archers from different type) in that area I was running by. Except from the archers, if u don’t make a mistake by getting stuck, animals and warriors are very unlikely to hit you even once. Archers seems to hit you eventually, but you need a lot, A LOT of them to be actually efficient while all the strongest warriors and animals are just useless if not in a very restricted area.

Performance - Loading game areas :

In some heavily crowded areas, I’ll take Black Hand area especially, or big tribe base during a raid with 6+ players, if you are running too fast, most of the things are not loading. (ie : fences, walls, doors) if you don’t know the map/area by heart and go through invisible things, you get rollback and die killed by invisible NPC while you get stuck on that invisible fence (black hand) or just walk through building structures as they weren’t there at all and then get the rollback or fall through the structures then get teleported back in some spot(base). This may be related to the lack of power of the consoles we have at the moment but then why not implement a reduced graphics setting/mode in order to enhance performances? Performance is what really matter over graphics to many players imo.

Performance - Gaming Atmosphere

Going through the game, with the multiple performance problems you can encounter exemple the previous paragraph, it’s missing the music/sound in many areas/moments of the game. A lot of times the character isn’t making any sound when he should, and during fights, 95% of the time, the fighting sound from weapons/screams/hits/enemies isn’t happening at the same time with the action and instead occurs 10 to 20 secs later, most of the time when the action is finished if it ever does. All this together totally breaks the general immersive atmosphere of the game and just makes you wonder what the hell is happening, it’s a weird thing.

Game balancing Issue - Dungeons :

Visually, the dungeons are great, but when it comes to fighting, they are all way too short, and way too easy. All the bosses feel weak, even more if you have a thrall by your side. Most of the time as I’m finishing a dungeon I don’t really realize it’s the end because the dungeon either lasted way too short time or you encounter way too few enemies or the boss is just killed nearly as fast as any other mob in the dungeon. It’s too easy to go through the enemy packs, there should be either more packs (3-4 enemies when there is one) making it harder/dangerous to fight them alone or higher health enemies and way higher health bosses, giving a real use to the thrall or impossible to do without other friends/players. You could refer to world of warcraft vanilla dungeons as a perfect exemple of what should look/feel a dungeon like. Dangerous and not so easy with a big guy really stronger in strength and fighting mechanics at the end of it.

Those are the things I’ve felt/experienced during my play time inside your game as an experienced gamer, Conan begginer. Hope it gives any type of help, I may start to try recording gameplay so I can share more. For me those are the biggest problems in the game, it’s a good game, but fixing those things would make it an amazing one. ]


Dungeons are very short, because there isn’t any revive system.
If you now make a dungeon so strong that you need several attempts, it can quickly lead to frustration on longer dungeons.

But i totally agree with the thrall thing, they are way to strong! They make this game ridiculously easy.
Just hit the boss once and then the thrall takes over and you are completely out of danger.
There are only a few AoE attacks, you really need to care of.

Imagine, we just entered the palace of the witch queen with 4 players and 4 thralls.
The fight was about 10 seconds or something like that.

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I played Conan exiles on the PS4 Pro and yeah I know the ps4 Pro is not a good choice to play this game. But before that update (from 16-5-2019) I don’t had some freezing problems. After the update my game freezed and I lost so often the connection to the server. The loading time is horrible long. When i teleport me to the dsungle and there stand a panther behind the teleporter I lost my half life before my loading time is over. This is not funny funcom! I can died because I have so long loading time and the npc can attack me
The other problem i cant see my loading meter (or loading bar?) since the last update.
And I have so much performance problems with the ps4 Pro. I know you know the problem and you can’t fix it but after the last update the problems are much bigger than before.

My other clan members play with the normal ps4 and they have the freezing problem since the last update too.
Please fix the problems and please funcom make a update and fix the problems without create new problems or bugs

Going back to the entrance of the dungeon wouldn’t be such a big problem, it used to be that way in wow vanilla too, sometimes you had a long, long way to go if u died at the end of the dungeons and some of blizzards dungeon were real mazes. I get your point but dungeon should need some balancing imo, thanks for answering tho!

I also totally agree about the NPC in Sepameru are complete damage sponges. This is unreasonable. A T1 Fighter takes significantly longer to put down than a T3 or even T4 in the volcano and now you get swarmed by those thugs. That becomes tedious.
I also find the Thralls too strong. During a purge a Frost Giant and a T4 fighter from the volgano fought off a greater croco boss with three skulls. I watched with my popcorn. Thanks for the skeleton key though.
To be fair. The game has alot more to offer than combat. When i first fought my red Dragon i was a bit dissapointed. He has like 2 moves and doesn’t even move around much. He is just a damage sponge. His spin attack is telegrafed by an audio cue.
But i guess i am spoilt by 900 hours Monster Hunter World. I can not expect the same level of combat here i quess :slightly_smiling_face:

but back on topic:

i moved my base to the jungle directy into the ruin of dagons eye next to that obelisk. For reasons i can not explain the jungle section is the smoothest running section for me. almost no stutter. Lag is significantly less.

Since last update, I have been having at least 3-4 Blue screen crashes a day. Things that tend to set it off are weather changes and running. They are mostly all at one base. a new one on Telith’s island. It’s big and surrounded on the mainland by new monstrosities of bases. I am pretty certain its the system not able to handle changes. My HD is a hybrid drive. I don’t get too many crashes elsewhere and I have other big bases. None of them, though, are surrounded by other big bases. PVE, US 3519 Official. I have been getting more delayed mob reactions. It’s not unusual to run by mobs who don’t react til you are far past them.

Game Type: PvE (server 3740)
Areas: High number of buildings and Thralls
PSN: Jack_Ryman

I fell through the map after I was miles away from the location of the gigantic structure and animals and thralls, and the game brought me back and now I cannot log back into the server anymore. Which sucks because me and my clan have been playing on it. Is there any way to get back into the server?

I can’t even upload a video to show it.

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Hello there. I put some thought into the reason behind the PS4 Pro Performance issues. I asked this once but it never got answered. Does Conan really take advantage of the stronger GPU and higher clockspeed of the PS4 Pro? Is the graphics set higher than the normal PS4?. I guess so. While it is about 1080p i realise the game has a fairly good anti aliasing and a surprisingly high draw distance.

I am no expert here but according to wikipedia the PS4 Pro comes with an additional 1GB DDR3 RAM equipped wich should be used to offload additional parts of the OS to free up more of the much much!!! faster GDDR5 RAM for games. I don’t know how freely this additional RAM can be addressed but maybe the game uses this slow DDR3 RAM for heavy tasks instead of the OS?
I am pretty certain that most of the performance issues are memory related. There seems to be a problem with memory management.

This is just a hunch and might be worth looking into. It can not be that the PS4Pro is not able to handle this game. Don’t get me wrong. Conan is a nice looking game but on a technical level nowhere near what should be the limit of the Pro.

that would require a source code branch for consoles. they would need to maintain special code for xbox and ps4 and do console QA and testing. clearly this will not happen.

1 year and all the same bugs.

Unfortunately, Conan Exiles is a CPU-intensive game. The PS4Pro version does indeed run at higher settings than regular PS4 models, which are mainly GPU-focused to take advantage of that edge you just mentioned @Novikthewise.
Our tech team is now following on the groundwork provided by the optimization patch released a few weeks ago, so we’re aiming to deploy these new improvements soon. They’ll be targeting the PS4Pro issues. Additionally, the most reported crashes on all models are now being investigated and worked on. Hopefully, those fixes will come along within the same patch, but as for now we cannot share any ETA yet.
Thanks again for the feedback and patience.


I quess it would be cpu intensive. but now its even less explainable to me as to why the ps4 pro struggles so much more than the normal PS4. Even though its the same CPU it runs at a higher clockspeed as does the RAM bus. All CPU related Tasks should at least run as good or even run better on the PS4 Pro. I really hope you can fix this. Its such a pity because its otherwise such a great game. Its finally an open world game i play that make meaninful use of this concept.


Interesting threads, beyotches & bellyaches going on lately, so I will post my more positive summative experience thus far in playing Conan Exiles exclusively (no other PS4 games) since last August.
For about 3-4 months I played offline solo to build my understanding of the game, then switched over to playing PvE on Official #3731 (N America) which has a typical ping around 90-100 (I initially chose it as it was one of the lower pings for my location in Calgary AB Canada). So it is no where close to the Holy Grail of 30 ping that some claim here is a necessity.
I have played CE about 20-30 hours per week since Nov 2018 to date on only that server. Yes, for the past 7 months I have only played Conan Exile on an online official server b/c it is that frustrating, engaging, irritating, fascinating, enraging, & enjoyable.
I’m on a stock PS4 about 5 years old, so I have been spared all the PS4 Pro potential issues. I began using a reasonable wifi down speed ~ 24 Mbps/ up speed ~ 12 Mbps but did upgrade my internet service 2 months ago to ~ 35 Mbps down/up speed. As well, only last month I bought a 512 Gb SSD external drive as some folk on the forum suggested it might be helpful in the game play speed & transferred CE to that.

This game has run enjoyably enough for me from day one, hence the last 7 months sucked out of my life.
The wifi & SSD upgrades did make some mildly noticeable improvements to my game play, but I had never felt the game was lacking in functional playability from the beginning.
I have experienced a few of the common issues before & after the various recent patches & updates such as:

  1. swamped servers during April’s free play - that disappeared after 2 weeks.
  2. disappearing avatar’s body after one died, often fixed by running out of render zone & back. Now fixed.
  3. disappearing bodies of NPCs you’ve just killed - mostly fixed but easily found those bodies regardless.
  4. PS4 freeze & blue screen crash CE-34878-0. Game freezes usually doesn’t crash but will report that error when I finally close the frozen game & restart. This happens on rare occasions, i.e. once in awhile after 6 hours of constant play on a weekend. Usually means I should go to the washroom & fix another drink. Not a big concern.
  5. some of the other piddling errors but never of any great concern.

So in the end, I have certainly got my $70-80 worth out of this game, more than any other I’ve likely played in my gaming experience that began in 1985 on a Commodore Amiga, then avidly on PC, now PS4. I have been a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s written works for over 40 years and I am incredibly impressed by the level of detail & research that went into Funcom’s realization of this gaming world. The relevant quotes about many of the game’s items taken from Howard’s original stories are a superb touch.

Have I been blessed by some great Fortune so I do not suffer the great horrors of this game’s allegedly gross incompetence? Maybe, but I do know it is absolutely one of the best, most engaging & immersive games that I have ever played & I will continue to play it for months or years to come. On to PvE with Conflict, PvP, whatever… lots more to do. So Thank You, FunCom… keep working.


I have had 99% the same experience. I play on official PVP. The most notable lag comes from huge destruction. There is the occasional freeze, kick, but not to the point where it ruined the game for me. Most lag i get is PVP related. Possibly due to poor internet connections on their end, as when i am PVE or loading in bases, i get minimal hiccups.