PS4 Rented Server Bugs

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Region: [America]

My rented PS4 server has become unplayable, and I may not renew.

There are only 2 of us playing. We have a stronghold near the Northern Aqueduct. Two big structures, then lots of smaller ones for carpenters/blacksmiths etc. Like a small city.

Currently my CPU usage is 1.43, but my ram is 5.37/6GB, which is leading to issues I think. But we aren’t a big clan.

Our issues include:

-Running through walls/foundation tiles
-Being pulled back while running
-Purge hordes spawning in unreachable locations, glitching into the ground underneath foundation tiles
-Buildings like the animal pen keep disappearing outside purges

I’ve stopped and repaired the server a few times, and nothing is helping.

The bugs are frequent and are making the game unplayable at this point.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log in
  2. run into issues
  3. log out/restart server
  4. repeat

@SenecaRhodes I have had my server going on to years and have had weird things over the years. Do you have a nightly server reset? On Ps4 servers I don’t believe CPU and Ram on Gportal site mean anything. Read that on this forum when I first started. Gportal site information is for PC. Have seen times when it shows people on server and lots of activity with no one on.

Animal pen will decay faster than rest of base if not connected to foundations.

Did this start after last update.

Hello @SenecaRhodes, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out!

As sestus2009 has mentioned, we’ll need additional information such how often you restart the server, when did this issue start to happen and, if possible, a few screenshots or a video depicting the scope of the building.

Regarding the purge hordes, there are a few issues with them that are being looked into and may cause them to behave erratically.

Do the disappearing buildings leave any message in the Event Log?

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