[PS4] Rhinos cannot be targetted

What the topic says.

Oh thank Cheezus… I thought i was the only one


Could anyone experiencing this please provide details, including screenshots if possible, in a reply?

Possibly related issue noted on:

Possibly related patch notes:

Xbox/PC Parity patch: Combat Revamp, Fast Travel, Farming, and The Purge (17.04.2018) - Movements of the Rhino and Direwolf have been smoothened.

Xbox/PC parity patch (06.10.2017) - Fixed root motion attacks on Boars, Bears, Crocodiles, Rhinos, Frost Giants, and Death Knights and they should no longer teleport after they’ve finished charging.

Hi Aerdrie, I’ve moved your topic to PS4 Updates and Bugs for better visibility on the issue. Thanks for your report!

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Game mode: [Online | official and private]
Problem: [Untargetable Enemy Type (Rhino) ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1: Walk into targeting range of said enemy type (Normal,White,Black it doesn’t matter)
2: Click the stick for target acquisition like every other enemy when getting into melee range
3: Nothing happens, And usually end up stuck inside of said Rhino or murdered viciously

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