PS4 Server: Seniorenzentrum - boosted - new

Looking for a fresh start?

Seniorenzentrum - boosted - new

60 Slots

3x XP
2x crafting speed
3x resources
and some more boosts

PvP 24/7
Raiding 16:00 - 23:00 weekdays / 12:00 - 00:00 weekends
Purge active
Sandstorm active
Clansize 10

Prepaid for 2 months for now. Then we will see.
I am the only one with admin rights.
I am a clanless casual solo player who doesnt intend to PvP or to create a Clan.
I just sit on my mountain and decorate my base in the evenings :wink:

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Good Morning Exiles.

Good evening exiles

Wednesday bump in the morning

I’m in the same playstyle as you, I’m gunna check the server out now lol

Scratch that… I have a high ping… Didn’t notice this was a German server. My bad :slight_smile:

Server is located in Germany btw :joy:

Friday evening bump.

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