~Ps4~ Solenna Exiles; 18+ Discord Mandatory Dedicated Roleplay/RPG Styled Server based on Conan Lore!

First, they took your family and your riches…

Solenna is a PvP/PS4/RPG structured server, complete with feats to choose from to add unique customization to your character via RP in game, various rewards encouraging activity in both the in game and discord community, and unique quests and storylines with the emphasis on player driven stories and creativity!

Then, they took your health and your pride…

We recruit players of the age 18 and older to allow for a more mature setting and community. Our player base is very dedicated to roleplay and we have many people playing from different timezones!

Finally, they left you to die…

Our RPG systems are unique and have their own pros and cons, making it necessary for the community to exist and eliminating tribes from becoming self sufficient, putting more of a focus on Roleplay, less on Alpha Tribes. Every action in game is handled as Roleplay and should be treated as such without the Meta or Alpha mentality. The only way to rule is to build your own Empire via roleplay!

What will you do Exile?

Solenna puts Roleplay First and Foremost! Our server is roleplayed with Conan Lore, each person playing their unique character and weaving their own destiny, forging their own path to ruin or renown in the Exiled Lands! Build a Kingdom, Empire, Guild, Village and much more!

When there’s nothing left but to live or to die?

Our gather rate is x1, EXP is at x2, Thrall and Pet breaking is at x2. Purges are enabled. Gods may only be summoned by Archpriests, allowing more focus on RP and less on raiding. Tribe max is 10. Enemies are harder for the challenge.

Now that you’ve chosen, what will you become?

To join us, join our Mandatory Discord community via the link below to view all rules and content that our server has to offer! Once you join you will be given instructions on how to get started!

Godspeed Exiles!

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Neat, I will check it out.

Horrible server absolutely dreadful. Do not join.

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