~Ps4~ Solenna: The Great Voyage; 18+ Dedicated PVE-C/PVP/RPG Styled Server based on Conan and Fantasy Lore. Offering features such as Classes, Feats, Currency, RPG Systems and more!

~Welcome to Solenna, Exile.~

A world run by a plethora of Deities both Benevolent, Tricksy and Foul. Our lands are a living, breathing RPG styled Realm complete with Random Battle Encounters, Incursions, Thematic Events, Randomly spawned treasures, dungeons and roaming enemies that are not usually found in natural areas.

We offer unique and fun systems pertaining to Classes, Feats and other neat Character Customization features that span beyond the basis of the game itself, providing a fun and dedicated RPG feel to our Realm.

Currently we are running a Campaign called The Great Voyage; Where Exiles of the Realm are clamoring to escape a world ending eruption from the Volcano of Skelos, forcing Exiles to band together (or work against one another) to make a ship or find a spot on a ship to sail away from the Realm to safety. (Lining us up for our transition later on to the Isle of Siptah map!)

To play with us, you must participate in both the Server and Discord community (including joining and registering your character and Clan information on our Discord).

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/J5QJmqC

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A great server with unique possibilities for immersive roleplay and adventure.


I’ve been playing on this server for over a year and a half. And is a great server with a lot of fun role play experiences. The admins are fair and balanced.it’s hard to believe I’ve made a lot of memories on this game. I recommend this server to anyone looking to have fun RP experience

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