~Ps4~ Solenna: The Great Voyage; 18+ Dedicated RPG Styled Server with Mandatory Discord

The Great Voyage

18+ DEDICATED PVP/PVE-C RP Server with Mandatory Discord Community, RPG / D&D Styled Gameplay and Server Systems
Random Encounter Events, Huge Storyline Events, Unique Quests and more!

Freshly Wiped in September, Active Players and Admins, Adult Community.

Unique Feat System, RP Systems, Races and much more!

Server Rates:
x1 Gathering
x2 Thrall/Pet Breaking
x10 EXP Boost for Quick Player, Thralls and Pet Leveling and more focus on RP/Building.
Enemies significantly more challenging.

Map WILL be moving to Isle of Siptah upon Ps4/Ps5 release.

Welcome to Solenna, Exile.

A realm in immediate turmoil as the Volcano of Skelos has been foretold to be erupting at any given moment, bringing the Realm to the brink of destruction.

Join other Exiles as they clamor to build ships to escape the lands, find treasure and glory, adventure and more!

We offer a challenging and fun twist to the game, a heavy focus on dedicated RP, including voice and text RP, and a helpful and fun community that is a blast to be a part of!

What will you do Exile? When there’s nothing left but to live or to die?

Discord Code: https://discord.gg/J5QJmqC