[PS4] Sons Of Hyboria [PVP] x10/NoRaidOffline


“Sons of Hyboria"

Discord: https://discord.gg/wWg4kuC

This server is for people who works full time. Full-time gamers are welcome too. Come and make it your new home and help us grow.

PVP 24/7

No Raid Offline

No purge offline

Exp 10.0

Harvest 10.0

50 player slot

Max clan size 6

Crafting time reduce (0.30)

Thrall break time reduce (0.00)

Animal pen craft (0.10)

Maps on each obelisk


PvP is always activated and is not allowed to raid a base if the player or clan is offline. Don’t build bases closing paths, NPCs spawn or dungeons. Don’t spam foundations. ONE bases/Vault per CLAN/person. THREE wheels of pain (On Foundations) per CLAN/person (if you build NEAR it, it’s ok).

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I love those rules would like to join typing name of server in and it won’t find it