[PS4] UPDATE 1.41 Where are parameters for hungry system pets and thralls?

Game mode: [Online & Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug & Performance]
Region: [FR]

Where are the parameters of hungry system on the game since update 1.40? On gportal, the hungry system for pets and thralls is activated but in the game, all is desactivated. Why???

Patch 1.39 did away with the hunger system entirely.

Since the last patch I have been using my thrall pot to hold all my stone consolidant. It makes the thralls a bit constipated.


I would like to know when abandoned thralls will die last I heard 14 days. 14 days have passed

The way I understand it is that the decay time on thralls is not like the decay time on buildings. Buildings need a clan member to be in close range to refresh the time; thralls refresh anywhere on the map as long as someone from the clan logs in.

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I agree with @Msausm001 that is my understanding as well.

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