PS4 Update 2.3 (19.04.2021) - Major Update! Balancing, Fixes, Stability, Performance, and more!

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re very excited to announce that the much-expected console parity patch is finally upon us, bundling the content of several major and minor updates and introducing hundreds of improvements, fixes, and new additions, making gameplay more enjoyable and visceral!

For starters, the temperature system has been overhauled, as we’ve changed how building and clothing pieces protect your characters against the weather conditions, as well as relaying that information in-game in a more consistent and straightforward way.

Leveling progression has also been rebalanced by tweaking experience and resource gains all around, normalizing progression across all game modes, and improving the overall experience.

Next, there’s combat, which has received new moves to extend your combat abilities, the sprint attacks, as well as a few changes to how healing items are used, and an updated stamina system to make it more consistent in its costs and less burdening, while still keeping it as a resource a skilled player should be able to master.
Additionally, blocking attacks will now consume stamina and while shield block is active stamina will now slowly regenerate.

We’re now also letting you choose the following distance of your active follower from the radial menu, which has been a much-requested feature!

PVP settings for servers have also been improved, as we’ve added only options for each day of the week (instead of the old distinction of only weekdays or weekends) and also a new dynamic building damage system to expand the possibilities of player versus player combat and raiding beyond what was possible before.

Crafting has also undergone a massive overhaul with several considerable changes.
Previously, “crafting power” was heavily reliant on having specific Tier 4 Crafting Thralls, which would not only make it frustrating in case you didn’t find the specific thrall you needed but also made other, lesser artisans less relevant. We did a full pass on the game’s economy aiming to shift most of that power into the workbenches themselves, giving more prowess and choice to you during crafting by making those bonuses be available from the workbenches themselves without the requirement of a specific thrall.

With that in mind, we also took a look at the crafting progression in-game, which up until now was too linear, with very general choices that lead to an uninteresting advancement through the tech tree and some recipe bloat in some stations. To that effect, we are adding new specialized crafting stations with an end-game split in their focus giving them more vertical upgrades in terms of crafting power, but also horizontal progression at the end-game where you can choose what stations to use based on the specific bonuses they give.

That doesn’t mean that crafting thralls will have no use in the game anymore! First of all, they will now provide multipliers to item stats they craft based on their tier. This will be the way to have improved gear since we’re doing away with exceptional and flawless item qualities, relying on these artisan bonuses instead. Not only that, but we’re also implementing a new Tier 4 Crafting thrall specialization system, where some T4 artisans will have a specific specialization that will improve certain stats when crafting.

We have also set sights on revamping the fishing system of the game and the recipes that depended on it. We are removing the passive fish generation of fish and shellfish traps and we’re also changing the recipe of stone consolidant, which will now require resin instead of ichor.

Lastly, we’ve added to the game something you have been asking us to implement ever since our earliest days: you can now re-customize your character! Accessed through the new Vanity Mirror placeable, you can now change your character’s hair-styles, facial and body features from the comfort of your base!

This is the largest update we’ve ever launched and a product of extensive testing and balancing, we sincerely hope that you enjoy it thoroughly as we prepare to take the Isle of Siptah out of the Early Access period so that it can be made available for all platforms!

We’re grateful for all your support and understanding, stay safe!


Temperature system overhaul!

We have reworked how building pieces and clothing affect your character’s environmental protection and also improved how temperature changes are relayed to you on screen. Gone are the soothing buff and insulation and temperature protection stats, and now come Heat and Cold protections and buffs. For more information on how this works, read here!

Progression re-balance

We have normalized experience and gathering gains across the board, and making them be the new default. For how this affects you, either if you play solo, in an official server, or run your own private server, read here!

Combat and PVP changes!

We are changing how healing items are consumed and work to make combat more visceral and your actions more deliberate. PVP server settings have also experienced a facelift, with new customization options, as well as a new Dynamic Building Damage setting to customize offline raiding, or disable it altogether! For how this affects you, either if you play solo, in an official server, or run your own private server, read here!

Sprint attacks

The combat system in Conan Exiles has been updated and tweaked many times, and this time we are happy to introduce the brand-new sprint attacks! Carry your sprinting momentum forward as you try and hit your opponent. Each weapon has gotten its own sprint attack so feel free to try out this new improvement. Just start sprinting and activate an attack at the same time. Happy hunting everyone!

New stamina and shield systems!

The Stamina system has been revamped to be more consistent across all actions. We’ve introduced the exhausted state which will replace the old and greyed out of stamina state. Also, armor and encumbrance will no longer increase stamina costs, but will affect the regeneration rates!
Shields have also been given some love, making them a more active feature, where skilled players will have to balance their use as any blocked attacks will now drain stamina, and having an active blocking shield will regenerate it at a slowed rate!

Character re-customization!

Have you wanted to change your character’s looks, hair, or makeup? Now is your chance! Build the all-new Vanity Mirror crafting bench and use it to change what before was permanent.

Crafting overhaul!

We’re adding new specialized crafting benches to make it much easier to organize a myriad of different recipes and give you many new and cool benches to build. There are also several new tiers of crafting benches, offering high-level versions with updated looks!
Crafting benches are also becoming much more important with this update. Certain bonuses to crafting are now determined by the tier and type of the crafting bench you have, instead of being determined by the tier of thrall you have.

There are thousands of different recipes in Conan Exiles, and one of the main purposes of the update is to simplify crafting and reduce the number of recipes!

Crafting thrall specializations!

So, what happens to your high-tier crafting thralls now that there is no Exceptional or Flawless gear and the crafting stations grant improved benefits? Many of the thralls have gotten unique specializations that give bonuses to gear. For example, an Edgesmith grants weapons additional armor penetration, while the Bladesmith grants weapons a bonus to damage. In addition, some thralls also increase the attributes granted by the armor depending on their tier.

Even though high-tier thralls lost some advantages, the items crafted by thralls with certain specializations will be more powerful now than before!

New building upgrade system!

Building pieces can now be upgraded or downgraded to any other pieces of the same type!

New setting to control thrall damage to players!

Want to give thralls a lesser edge when thwarting your enemies? Say no more! With this new server setting, you can now scale down (or up!) the damage followers deliver to other players!


  • Temperature system overhaul!
  • Progression re-balancing!
  • Healing items re-balance!
  • New PVP settings!
  • New character re-customization!
  • Crafting system overhaul!
  • New specialized crafting stations!
  • New crafting thrall specializations!
  • Recipe streamlining!
  • New anti-undermesh measures!
  • Revamped stamina system!
  • Shields system overhaul!
  • New building upgrade system!
  • New setting to control thrall damage to players!
  • New sprinting attacks!
  • Many exploit fixes and Quality of Life changes!
  • A bajillion bug fixes and optimizations!
  • …and much, much more!

Currently Known Issues

  • Some of the new items disappear from the Artisan bench after a player dies.
  • Some of the new items have inconsistent names.
  • Harpy’s Daggers has an inconsistent icon.
  • Katana’s combo isn’t working as intended.
  • Followers are not finishing combos when their original weapon is switched.
  • Followers are getting stuck or not teleporting to the player.
  • Rejoice! The Fast Elevators and Colored Candles can now be obtained from the Library of Esoteric Knowledge on the Exiled Lands. Not present in the Library of Esoteric Knowledge, only spawnable via Admin panel. (2021/04/19 12:00 UTC Known issue for clarification)




  • Fixed a number of client and server crashes.
  • Fixed a number of crashes upon joining a server via friends list.
  • Fixed a number of connectivity issues.
  • Improved loading times when connecting to a server.
  • Added a number of server-side and client-side optimizations, especially in regards to the building system.
  • Improved network security features on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed performance during fights with a high number of NPCs.
  • Addressed an issue that would cause the game to freeze and crash when interacting with NPCs or UI under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to soft-lock.
  • Fixed a number of exploits used to crash a dedicated server.
  • Fixed a number of undermesh locations.
  • Fixed an exploit in regards to obtaining infinite stamina.
  • Improved security measures against dedicated server network attacks.
  • Fixed an exploit in regards to altering character stats over normal values.
  • Optimized trebuchet effects to be less resource-intensive.
  • Added a number of engine optimizations.
  • Optimized spam in the server logs.


  • Fixed an exploit regarding god bubbles.
  • Fixed a number of exploits that would allow a quick succession of attacks under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a number of exploits that would allow players to have infinite stamina.
  • Fixed a dietary issue that would allow stacking bonuses on thralls.
  • Added several improvements and fixed a number of false positives in the new anti-undermesh measures.
  • Fixed a number of unintended locations where players could build.
  • Fixed an issue where avatars could be summoned in unintended locations.
  • Improved network protection against attacks for private and dedicated servers.
  • Reverted visual effects of some vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed additional Unicode characters that could be used to spoof invisible names for clans and players.
  • A new wave of improvements towards false positives and undetected locations has been added to the anti-undermesh tool.
  • Fixed a number of out-of-boundaries locations where players could build structures.
  • Fixed an exploit in regards to avoiding damage over time and death effects.
  • Fixed situations where players could attain temporary invincibility.
  • Disallowed building inside caves where it was not initially intended.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed logged-out characters to become invulnerable and impossible to loot.
  • Fixed a false positive spot within the anti-undermesh tool at Scuttler’s Shortcut.


  • Temperature system overhaul.
    • All clothes and armor now have two stats - Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance.
    • Added indicators for a better representation of temperature changes in-game.
    • Removed soothing buff, and simplified temperature de-buffs.
  • PVP settings overhaul. They can now be adjusted per day.
  • New Dynamic Building Damage setting. If enabled, buildings can only be damaged as long as the building owner (clan or individual) is online or after a certain period when logging off.
  • Added a new in-game setting to allow disabling camera shake.
    Added a Streamer Mode to the Gameplay Settings.
    • This will effectively hide the server details from the game menu and the player name on the inventory.
  • Added character re-customization feature!
  • Major overhaul of the crafting systems and crafting progression.
  • Added new specialized crafting stations:
    • New Alchemy Bench: This crafting station takes over the production of finished alchemical products from the Fire-bowl Cauldron.
    • New Dyeing Vat: The dyeing vat has inherited all the dyes and war-paints from the Fire-bowl Cauldron.
    • New Tanner’s Table: This crafting station has received all of the silk, hide, and leather manipulation recipes formerly present in the armorer’s bench.
    • New Tinker’s Table: This crafting station is where all the armor kits and weapon kits are now available.
    • New Casting Bench: All recipes that required molds (i.e. jewelry, coins, and glass flasks) are now available from this bench.
  • 30 new dyes added to the game (available through the new Dyeing Vat station).
  • New Tier 4 Crafting Thrall specializations: Some tier 4 crafting thrall types now have specializations. These specializations confer additional bonuses to specific item-stats. Note: T4 Crafting thralls prior to this patch should already have a specialization assigned.
    • Blacksmith Specializations
      • Edgesmith (Penetration-focused Blacksmith)
      • Bladesmith (Damage-focused Blacksmith)
      • Tempersmith (Durability-focused Blacksmith)
    • Carpenter Specializations
      • Fletcher (Penetration-focused Carpenter)
      • Bowmaker (Damage-focused Carpenter)
      • Builder (Durability-focused Carpenter)
    • Taskmaster Specializations
      • Driver (Concussion damage-focused Taskmaster)
      • Overseer (Durability-focused Taskmaster)
    • Priest Specializations
      • Confessor (Damage-focused Priest)
      • Seneschal (Durability-focused Priest)
      • Guardian (Armor-focused Priest)
    • Armorer Specializations
      • Shieldwright (Armor-focused Armorer)
      • Scoutwright (Weight-focused Armorer)
      • Temperwright (Durability-focused Armorer)
  • Revamped stamina system. More details about this are documented in the Balance Updates section.
  • Changed how shields work. More details about this are documented in the Combat Fixes section.
  • New building upgrade system. More details about this are documented in the Building and Placeable Fixes section.
  • New server setting to control how much damage Thralls do to players. It can be found under Server Settings - Combat.
  • Added new sprinting attacks to all weapon types.
  • Rejoice! The Fast Elevators and Colored Candles can now be obtained from the Library of Esoteric Knowledge on the Exiled Lands.


  • Fixed an issue in regards to Inverted Walls and Roofs not being able to be placed on top of any door frame.
  • Adjusted the placement boxes for Tanneries, Furnaces, Delving, and Alchemist Benches.
  • Fixed collisions and pivots for a number of building pieces.
  • Building pieces can now be upgraded or downgraded to other pieces of the same type. In addition, this allows DLC pieces to be cross-graded to other DLC pieces.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to building pieces not being fully removed when upgrading them to another tier.
  • Fixed the placement rules for Delving and Dyer’s benches so they don’t clip into the walls.
  • Fixed the Argossean Artisan Table’s collision box.
  • Buildings with updated pieces will no longer disappear after rejoining a session.
  • It’s no longer possible to stack foundations when attempting to replace them.
  • Fixed an issue where placeables were sometimes spawned in the world with 0 HP.
  • Fixed an issue where damaged placeables were repaired on a server restart.


  • Fixed an issue where bonus recipes provided by blacksmith and carpenter Thralls were not available in crafting stations.
  • Crafting bonuses from thralls have been moved into workbenches:
    • Weapon and armorsmith thralls no longer provide bonuses to crafting speed, crafting cost reduction, or fuel burn time. These bonuses are now provided by the workbenches.
    • Smelters, cooks, tanners, and alchemists retain the crafting speed bonuses, but no longer provide cost reduction and fuel burn time benefits.
    • Taskmasters still provide conversion speed bonuses.
  • Crafting thralls now provide bonus stats to crafted items. The higher the Tier of the artisan, the better the benefits they provide.
  • Improved Tannery burned fuel faster than a regular Tannery. This is no longer the case.
  • The Fire-bowl Cauldron now works as a preparation station for base materials.
  • Armor padding recipes have now been streamlined (from 30 down to 6).
  • Melee Weapon Handle recipes have been streamlined into a single one.
  • Frost Giant’s Leggins and Gauntlets had their armor values and crafting materials swapped. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed Tools recipes not being available in the crafting benches after learning them from Feats Tab.
  • Fixed Grandmaster Armorsmith feat not being possible to unlock on its required level due to required feats.
  • Fixed the missing recipes for the T3 Carpenter Bench.
  • Encouraged Thralls to stop eating Legion Weapons. #whipit
  • Bows now have full durability when crafted with a T4 carpenter.
  • Fixed an issue regarding Garrison Blacksmith benches missing crafting recipes.
  • The Redeemed Legion recipe was missing. We found it. No need to call the police.
  • Fixed remaining recipe issues with T4 Alchemists.
  • Fixed an issue regarding delving some armor pieces in Delving Bench that did not give any scroll, weapon, or armor schematics.
  • Fixed the issue where paddings were still needed for repairing items.
  • Fixed an issue regarding delving Pride Of Aesir Armor not providing Frost Giant armor recipe.
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Armor Patch Kit was unavailable for crafting.
  • Fixed an issue regarding Marksman’s Vest and Marksman’s Pants that did not provide statistics bonus.
  • Crafting Rough Wraps, Wheels of Pain, and Improved Tannery provided disproportionate amounts of XP. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed multiple recipes that did not appear under the feats tab after having learned them from a scroll.
  • Lower tier crafted Eldarium weapons can now be repaired with Master Weapon Repair kits.
  • Fixed an issue where the String of the Legion, the War-Axe of the Legion, and the Mace of the Legion would not have the Variable functionality.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the crafting requirements for the Dune Hunter Leggings and Shoes.
  • It is no longer possible to override the delve bench restrictions by placing an item with maximum durability in the processing queue.
  • T3 Alchemist thralls now know the recipe for oil (by mixing bark and ichor, obviously).
  • Added 4 new cross-promotional recipes to the Furniture Maker feat. Gotta chop 'em all!
  • Changed the recipe requirements for Silent Legion boots to be more consistent with similar recipes: they now require Layered Silk instead of Hardened Leather.
  • Items crafted by Priest thralls at religious altars will now get the expected bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some new items to disappear from the Artisan bench after the player dies.


  • Fixed an issue where charging with a mount would deal damage in unintended situations.
  • Fixed certain buffs replenishing themselves.
  • Blunted Javelin damage has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arena Champion, The Watcher Above, The Captain Below, and The Ritual Keeper bosses would provide, when slain, significantly less experience to followers than other similar bosses.
  • The use of shields has been revamped:
    • When an attacker hits a blocking character or when a defender blocks an attack with a shield, they may enter a rebound stun state.
    • Blocked attacks now deal stamina damage equal to their base health damage.
    • Whenever a shield blocks an attack, it loses durability. If a shield loses all of its durability as a result of an attack, the defender may enter a shield break-stun state.
  • Increased invincibility frame on dodges from 0.2s to 0.4 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause charged bow shots to cause less damage than intended after having unlocked the “Flattening Shot” accuracy perk.
  • Non-human AI will now prioritize combo attacks over non-combo attacks.
  • Players can now trigger a dodge to interrupt healing wraps, but only 2.5 seconds into the animation. We are exploring this solution to give players some agency while not devaluing the commitment aspect of using bandages and their relationship to potions. We will continue to test and iterate on this.
  • Attack stamina consumption is now triggered on attack start instead of during the animation. This is to prevent some exploit and desync issues.
  • Using weapons while mounted should now drain stamina, as originally intended.
  • Fixed remaining instances where human NPCs decreased shield durability with their attacks at doubled values.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause healing from food items being interrupted while blocking an attack.
  • Katana combos can now be done by alternating between light and heavy combos.


  • Horses would become hostile towards everything under specific circumstances. We said ‘neigh’ to that.
  • Fixed an issue where followers’ chase and attack distances are reset upon session restart.
  • Followers should no longer teleport inside the map geometry when the player is climbing a surface.
  • Certain enemy NPCs in the Dagon dungeon and Midnight Grove can no longer hurt other NPCs with their AoE attacks.
  • Fixed a number of remaining hate list issues with world NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls would get stuck switching weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where scouting thralls could be damaged in unintended situations.
  • The Half-Child of Dagon will no longer offer level boosting services to followers.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC pathing that caused them to get stuck chasing their target.
  • Rhinos and Giant Bears would sometimes get frozen in a default pose and not attack back. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where recipes provided by Thralls were not available in Crafting Benches if the feats were unlocked after Thrall was placed on the bench.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC AI, either enemies, followers, or bosses, was unresponsive in certain underground locations and dungeons.
  • Fixed pathfinding issues non-playable characters were having in certain dungeons and underground locations.
  • Explosive Jars no longer block NPC pathfinding.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would become unresponsive after being ordered to attack a target with the “Attack Nothing” state selected.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls would stop equipping or unequipping weapons under certain circumstances.
  • White horses now rock a white mane, as initially intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Attack command for followers would reset after a certain amount of time.
  • Followers no longer suffer food poisoning when eating raw flesh if they have the raw food item in their diet list.
  • Thralls and followers should no longer teleport on top of the player while climbing, causing over encumbrance, death, and general distress. Because that was a tiny bit rude.
  • We also taught the general concept of personal space, especially during these trying times, to thralls and pets. They should no longer teleport or move so close that there are no secrets anymore between you and your followers.
  • Similarly, followers should no longer overlap with and push your character while on stairs and inclines. Stop it, Mufasa.
  • Fixed a number of issues where Children of Jhil would consistently fail to hit players with their attacks.
  • Fixed duplicated spawn points of Ignatius the Greedy in the Flotsam.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to the AI hate system that would cause an enemy to bounce back and forth between targets. They should now be more consistent in selecting a valid target and sticking to it.
  • Leashing has been improved and made more gradual. Keeping aggro on an enemy will be harder the further that enemy is away from the initial leashing zone.
  • Fixed an issue where certain larger creatures could get stuck in a persistent leashing state when trying to return to their spawn point.
  • You can now choose the following distance for your follower in the Radial menu, in case you would prefer not to feel their breath on your neck at all times.
  • The Giant Spider boss in Skittering Cavern should now spawn regardless of having any buildings above its location.
  • Fixed an issue where human NPCs holding a shield would remain stuck in that holding animation.
  • NPCs should no longer be able to move before recovering from a knockback.
  • Wraps can be used to heal thralls again.
  • Fixed an issue where commanding the following thrall to stop would make all active thralls move to its position.


  • Journey Steps now provide less experience.
  • Combat and gathering now provide more experience and resources.
  • Reworked legacy healing effects from beverages and food. You can only heal now with dedicated healing items and potions.
  • Aloe Potions (potions) and Wraps (bandages) both now have animation requirements for their gameplay effects to trigger.
  • Potions now have a short animation before their effect is triggered and bandages have their effect applied continuously.
  • Being hot will increase your thirst-rate and at Extremely Hot, you will start taking damage over time and have a Stamina-cost penalty on your actions.
  • Being cold will increase your hunger-rate and at Extremely Cold, you will start taking damage over time and suffer a Stamina-cost penalty on your actions.
  • Increased healing amount and duration on food healing, but now breaks on damage. Players get twice the healing per tick on item use and doubled the duration. This results in a roughly 4 times increase per food item consumed.
  • Healing potions should no longer break on bleeding damage.
  • Adjusted the Fling shot bow’s durability.
  • Exceptional and Flawless item qualities and recipes have been removed. Note: Existing armor and weapon pieces will still exist, but new ones will not be able to be crafted anymore.
  • Item quality can now be improved by crafting thralls. This also applies to bonus stats provided by armor and gear (from a base value of 5 to a max. of 10). Note: Old armor pieces retain their previous values.
  • Fish traps have been completely re-balanced. They now require bait in order to operate (they no longer generate fish passively). The better the bait, the more chances to get exotic or rare fish.
  • Ichor is no longer part of the Stone Consolidant recipe. You now need resin instead.
  • Ichor is no longer produced by fish other than those of exotic rarity.
  • Resin can be harvested from trees with a Pick or Pick-Axe of Iron tier or above.
  • Bark now drops from all trees when harvested with a pick or pickaxe, regardless of tool quality.
  • Bark now has an increased drop-rate from trees when harvested with a pick or pickaxe.
  • Resin now drops from all trees regardless of location.
  • Corrected the amount of flesh provided after cooking a Turtle Hatchling as it was inconsistent with the amount obtained from harvesting it.
  • Liquid Press oil recipes have been changed.
    • 10 Unappetizing Fish now give 1 oil.
    • 5 Savory Fish now give 1 oil.
    • 1 Exotic Fish now gives 1 oil.
  • New Survival level 20 perk, “Waste Not”. This reduces the amount of water used per drink from waterskins, effectively doubling the lifespan of waterskins.
  • The “Hard Worker” perk is now a Survival level 30 perk.
  • The “Efficient Butchery” perk has been removed from the game.
  • Updated Crafting Thrall values for T4 specialized crafters so that they never go below the values of T3 Crafters.
  • Adjusted inventory sizes, cooking rates, and fuel timers for Tanneries and Furnaces.
  • The Frostgiant Armor attributes have been rebalanced. Its base value now gives 4 Vitality (down from 16) but now also provides a bonus of 5 Strength. This can be further improved with specialized crafters.
  • Herbal Tea and Honeyed Wine now provide a slight amount of healing.
  • Stamina system changes:
    • Carried Load no longer increases the cost of stamina-consuming actions. This should result in actions being more consistent in their cost.
    • Armor Type no longer increases the cost of some stamina-consuming actions such as climbing.
    • Armor Type and Carried Load now modify the rate at which you can regenerate stamina. The values of each armor type and encumbrance level are tweak-able via server settings.
    • Stamina usage can now allow you to go into negative values. While your current stamina value is negative, you are Exhausted.
    • Exhaustion is now removed when your current stamina is greater than 0 instead of being removed when you’ve regenerated your entire bar of stamina.
    • It is no longer possible to dodge when over-encumbered.
    • Stamina now regenerates while blocking but at a much slower rate.
    • New server settings:
      LightArmorStaminaRegenMultiplier, MediumArmorStaminaRegenMultiplier, HeavyArmorStaminaRegenMultiplier, NoLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier, LightLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier ,MediumLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier ,HeavyLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier ,OverLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier, , StaminaLightArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaRegenerationTime, StaminaExhaustionTime
  • Differences in stamina consumption between light, medium, and heavy armor (*):
  • Light Armour - high stamina regeneration, most affected by over-encumbrance(*).
    • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 3.0 (No load), 5.0 (Light load), 7.0 (Medium load), 9.0 (Heavy load), 18.0 (Overload).
  • Medium Armour - average stamina regeneration, least affected by over-encumbrance.
    • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 5.0 (No load), 5.5 (Light load), 6.0 (Medium load), 6.5 (Heavy load), 13.0 (Overload).
  • Heavy Armour - low stamina regeneration, somewhat affected by over-encumbrance.
    • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 7.0 (No load), 8.0 (Light load), 9.0 (Medium load), 10.0 (Heavy load), 20.0 (Overload).
  • Chilled Godbreaker now protects less against cold, and normal Godbreaker armor protects less against heat.
  • Insulation values for Debaucheries of Derketo armors have been re-balanced to be similar to other armor sets.
  • Increased expiration timers for Lingering Essence, Human Heart, Heart of a Hero, and Unblemished Human Meat.
  • Durable Light and Durable Medium sets now provide temperature insulation, as intended.
  • Equipped Warpaints are now lost on death regardless of server settings.
  • Rebalanced Yog’s Touch. This change is intended to bring Yog’s Touch to a point where it offers a unique gameplay style for a 1 handed axe user without being completely overpowered compared to other 1 handed axes in its class:
    • Health Damage changed to 51
    • Armor Penetration changed to 28%
  • Black Hand Boots now provides temperature resistance to heat and cold.
  • Slightly increased the stats of the Black Iron Bulwark.
  • Adjusted weight values for all armor paddings.
  • Slightly lowered stats for Ancient weapons.
  • Reduced weight of wraps to 0.1. (Infused Wraps still have a weight of 0.58 and it will be adjusted in a future update).
  • Penetration values of “Oil of Penetration” and “Spiked Weapon Fitting” have been lowered (down by 5%).
  • Reduced XP gain from harvesting farm-able items by 50%.
  • Reduced XP gain from harvesting coal and resin by 60%.
  • Increased XP from completing Journey events by 20%.
  • Aloe is no longer needed to craft Rough Wraps.
  • Significantly buffed the 50 Vitality perk (from 5HP to 50HP).
  • Fixed an issue that caused recipes that used Wood and Shaped Wood to grant more XP than intended.
  • Vermin hide boots and pants give +1 to every stat, as intended.


  • Items can now be used while placed in containers.
  • High-level weapons and armors can now be crafted in the T2 and above benches, allowing T2 to be the “Best in Class” in terms of size footprint.
  • Added a number of UI QoL optimizations when playing with a gamepad.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause temperature resistances from building pieces to not be re-applied after a server restart, which could lead to player characters’ death on logging in. Yes, finally.
  • Fixed an issue where more than one avatar could be summoned at once.
  • Pet models in animal pens should no longer switch places and disappear after reloading the area.
  • Player characters should no longer be able to be killed while teleporting.
  • Removed soothing buff.
  • Fixed the broken LODs on some of the Dragons.
  • Fixed the broken LODs on certain facial hair options.
  • Receiving any type of damage while bandaging will now properly interrupt the animation.
  • Fixed the way buildings’ thermal insulation is factored into the characters’ temperature resistance.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Infused Wraps to not spawn.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the Den boss.
  • Fixed a number of issues that would allow overriding healing animations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented creating custom Singleplayer and Cooperative sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players that are in clans to become unable to interact with altars and braziers if the "Containers Ignore Ownership” setting is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the Den Boss’ mane and tail textures.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to the Conan Royal Armor not providing the intended attributes. #hailtotheking
  • Addressed an issue with shadows when playing in low-quality settings.
  • Fixed an issue where chests would not be able to be interacted with if under a small body of water.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck underwater under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing traps were not able to be placed on certain bodies of water.
  • Fixed an issue where Vertical Elevators would return to their default position if a player would leave their render distance. Hooray!
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the “Logged out characters remain in world” server setting not to work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Werehyena bosses mane would look flat.
  • Infused Aloe Extract, Stutter Wraps, and Infused Wraps provide less healing than their lower quality counterparts. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where certain aloe extracts provide higher amounts of healing than their wraps counterparts, despite having lower-level requirements.
  • Fixed a possible permanent “Heatstroke” effect caused by equipping temperature-resistant armor while affected by changes to corruption.
  • Provided further refinements to the hair shader.
  • Removed incomplete mod kits that were dropping in the Unnamed City.
  • Adjusted the Vanity Mirror camera.
  • Changing race with the Vanity Mirror no longer restores the default colors of the equipped armor.
  • Re-equipping parts of insulated armor no longer makes the temperature debuff permanent.
  • Repairing armors no longer require paddings.
  • “Craft an exceptional or flawless item” Journey Step has been removed from the game and substituted with “Craft an improved work-station”.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to the Frostgiant Armor not giving bonus attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where Vines couldn’t be harvested.
  • Fixed an issue regarding warpaints visually disappearing when changing race with the Vanity Mirror.
  • Fixed an issue where temperature resistance effects wouldn’t affect characters created after the temperature changes update.
  • Fixed an issue where stamina would drain faster if the player character had been previously in AFK vanity camera mode during the same session.
  • Some crafting tables would not emit light despite being in use. This has now been fixed.
  • The “Command a follower” Journey Step can be completed as intended again.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes blood decals would not be visible on a character’s body after taking damage.
  • DropBackpackonDeath and DropShortcutbarOnDeath have been removed from server settings as they are obsolete. They should no longer appear on new servers.
  • Repair hammers and skinning knives - including the Jhebbal Sag and Derketo tools - now display in the weapon display racks.
  • Graceful Night legendary weapon now drops with full durability.
  • Hammer of Thag now correctly provides bonus strength.
  • Khari weapons now correctly grant the intended bonus attributes.
  • Removed xx_Simms_Kopesh from the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping Blinsidght head armor wouldn’t show on the player character.
  • Crafter Thralls should no longer disappear from their Workstations upon session rejoin.
  • Endowment, Chest, and Breast sliders are now accessible in the character re-customization through the Vanity Mirror.
  • “Antidote of One” perk should now be applied to the correct buffs.
  • The Sandstorm effects should no longer affect characters in a dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the stamina cost multiplier causing no stamina to be used if it was set to a value lesser than 1.
  • Orbs should now bounce off certain surfaces instead of remaining suspended mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue that would make it impossible to unlock the “Obtain a Mount” and “Obtain an Animal Companion” journey steps.
  • Some server and player settings would default to initial values after game restart. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to drop a weapon from the shortcut bar while it was equipped under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong particles were played when hitting certain surfaces.
  • The Dynamic Building Damage Period setting should now function properly.
  • Changed the default server settings for purge time restrictions to off.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a character to be stuck in rubberbanding upon joining a session while being mounted.
  • Fixed an issue where a player character could be stuck in a state unable to sprint after joining a single-player or coop session (listen server).
  • The Journey Step to combine orb effects can no longer be achieved by using a single type orb type.
  • Fixed an issue where buffs provided by armor pieces could persist when quickly swapping items.
  • Fixed a visual imperfection around the character’s waist when equipping certain armor items.
  • Fixed other instances where placed buildings and placeables changed their names and/or values after a server or session restart.


  • Fixed a visual glitch on the large trees within the Jungle Biome.


  • Certain big enemies and bosses would flinch hysterically when being hit. We asked them to tone it down a bit.
  • Fixed an issue with the horse dismounting animation.
  • Fixed a number of issues with riding animations.
  • Updated animations when using Bindings.
  • Updated sitting animations to fix a number of problems with the character’s neck getting groovy.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the character’s right arm to change positions when holding a torch.
  • Fixed an issue that made the wrong particle effects play when hitting certain objects with certain weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that let players visually hit themselves.


  • Through painful exertion, our #spellchekker team gave it all to fix a number of minor typos in-between sessions of whipping, gruesome torture, and marathon reruns of Christmas movies on Vanir Home System devices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused servers to show no active players.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a server to list its ping as 9999 or ???.
  • Official servers should no longer be listed twice in the server browser.
  • The Close option in the Friend List tab should no longer be cut off if playing in German. #spellchekkerteamstrikesagainhoohah
  • Friends list should now be accessible with a controller.
  • Added new PVP settings and sliders to the Settings menu, under the general tab.
  • Added filter in inventory to sort blueprints by DLC release.
  • Fixed a UI issue regarding the new PvP Settings in the Server Settings tab.
  • Fixed a UI issue in the crafting section.
  • Added visual icons to identify T4 Crafting thrall specializations.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to missing food icons in followers’ diet screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Corruption Effect would not update accordingly in the Status tab.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the server browser to freeze when filtering by map.
  • Fixed the placeholder icons and missing recipes from Dark Templar Armor and Guardian Armor regular and epic feats.
  • When customizing through the Vanity Mirror, submenu selections now update properly after changing race.
  • DLC equipment icons are no longer overwriting resource ones.
  • Fixed an issue with the Favorites server filter not working as intended.
  • Fixed a visual issue for Weak Aloe Extract Icon.
  • Fixed the Dyer’s Bench model as it lacked collision and had stretched or misplaced textures.
  • Generalized the information about temperature damage displayed in the Character’s stats screen.
  • The Epic Reptilian Chestpiece and Gauntlets had swapped their icons. This has now been fixed.
  • Removed Epic borders from regular versions of the Marksman’s set.
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions of some crafting benches were cut-off in the Crafting and Feats tabs.
  • Specific Improved workstations were missing a “Low Craft Time” keyword. This has now been fixed.
  • Demon-Fire orb and Gas orb now have damage values shown in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where Feats taught by Grandmaster Tanner had incomplete descriptions.
  • Fixed a number of placeholder text issues in the description of certain workstations.
  • Corrected keyword on the Practice Great Sword.
  • Added missing Diseased keyword to the Diseased Knives.
  • Fixed missing keywords on the Blindsight armor piece.
  • Updated the long description of Brittle Edge.
  • Addressed an inconsistency in the description of the Diseased Spike.
  • Perfected Paddings had placeholder icons in their Info section. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a number of placeholder icons in the admin panel item list.
  • All new crafting tables should have their correct icons now.
  • Updated Strength perk descriptions to better reflect their effects on attacks.
  • Changed the DLC filtering in the crafting inventory: The None filter will now show only base game recipes. A new All filter has been added to replace the previous None filter and will show all recipes.
  • Fixed the alignment of the “Tome Restrict Avatar Summoning” server settings in the UI so that they are not overlapping text.
  • All placeables from “Nordheimer Shelvings” and “Nordheimer Walls” Feats should no longer have placeholder names after being placed on a Dedicated Server.


  • Improved music loop in the main menu.
  • Default brazier sound volume has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue with missing SFX for hammer and 2h axe attacks.



We will update this section with any changes applied to the patchnotes and hotfixes released for this update.

2021/05/04 08:00 UTC

2021/04/19 17:30 UTC

Removed certain entries to prevent confusion:

  • AI and Thrall fixes

    • Fixed an issue with a certain T4 Surge Priest not being able to be KO’d.
    • Specialist thralls are now available in more surge types.
  • General

    • Some types of fish were unobtainable. This has now been fixed.
  • Balance

    • Glass flasks and coins are now crafted in the Furnace rather than in the Tinker’s table.

2021/04/19 12:00 UTC

Added Known issue for clarification:

  • Rejoice! The Fast Elevators and Colored Candles can now be obtained from the Library of Esoteric Knowledge on the Exiled Lands. Not present in the Library of Esoteric Knowledge, only spawnable via Admin panel. (2021/04/19 12:00 UTC Known issue for clarification)

Thank you.


Great news @Hugo Thanks from all of us.



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OMG, is it real ?!
I dream =? =
now Isle of Siptha Funcom and this time please with communication from the community.


Realmente es necesario tantos gigas para el juego? Eso mas o menos con 25 gigas o menos entra. Hay muchos gigas que pueden ser reducidos, estoy contento pero pienso que la cantidad es elevada. Haber como funciona y los servidores dan lo suyo. Porque si no estamos en las mismas.

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Hell has finally frozen over and we get an update, thank you @Community , hopefully the game can now be played, bravo


Btw…I think a nice update metric is that if you take up more than one posting in announces everything in said update…you probably waited too long in releasing the update. Not being ungrateful…just looking at the bigger picture here and trying to see where improvements can be gleaned


@Hugo @Ignasi now you guys should make the game free for a month on consoles for making us wait this long please and thank you! Would love to see the game revive after this update !!!

Wouldn’t be the first time ps plus put a game on their list twice.

Gratis for the update, now to start the download…

Are workstation thralls patched retro-active? So my old one, can also do the new stuff?

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You guys weren’t lying when you said massive, 84 gigs! :+1: so excited to check out all the new stuff. Thanks guys​:heart::grin:


Any word on a 60fps for the ps5

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i guess we cant have the old main menu music back? the new one is a bit very much underwhelming tbh

also: ps4 pro and internal ssd: the game is much choppier and stuttery now than it was yesterday (before the patch). weird.


Rejoice ’ Thank you the Funcom Team that has does the hard work @Community

So both my servers aren’t working… go figure

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Few of these patch notes seem to be clearly PC

Mention of specialist for surges, Glass flasks and coins are now crafted in the Furnace rather than in the Tinker’s table. (we never got this part of pc update. ) So nothing really changed for us.
Addressed an issue with shadows when playing in low-quality settings. (if only, =p)

Few others in General Bug Fixes that have me scratching my head… Light up benches? they light up?
Some types of fish were unobtainable. This has now been fixed… Wait what?

Some of other about Orb of Nergal? Huh? I thought it was a vanity mirror?

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