PS4 Update at 12:00 CEST

[PS4] Hey everyone! We’re planning to patch the PlayStation 4 version in about 45 minutes with some crash fixes. Servers will go down at 12:00 CEST and be back up shortly thereafter! There are no patch notes, as this just fixes crashing.


Servers JUst went oFF 5 minutes ago… Thnx for giving us a heads up Funcom Team… Great Job and great game. I have confidence That this game will continue to be a big hit …


Hey is there any chance In the future to post a server wide warning letting players that are grinding or in the middle of quests that they got 1hour 30mins 10mins that use will be shutting down please


Agree , That is a great idea. Like some other game that give an announcement 15 minutes prior to closing servers.


Thank you for fixing bugs but a game wide notice would be awesome. I got kicked then spent 15 rebooting everything trying to get back in while grinding in a not so peaceful place.

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Great !!! Hope it’s gonna FIX some bug i meet every Day, not like the up 1.05 that change nothing ( for me, maybe i’m not playing were the bugs are fixed) thank you dev ! :kissing_heart:

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We do this in our other games like Secret World Legends and Age of Conan but I don’t know the technicalities of doing it in servers for Conan Exiles. I agree, that this is something that I personally would like to see and have for everyone. I just don’t understand the systems well enough to know if/when this can be implemented. :thinking:
I’ll check with the devs. :slight_smile:

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Need to give an in game warning…a heads up would be nice…

How long is this patch going to take and thank you for replying

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Please do talk the server shutdown notification as I was transferring 40 t2 foundations and 100s of ignots wood and bricks for a base overburdened getting escorted like 4 hours worth of clan grinding in my inventory relocating base hope it’s all still their.

As far as ive seen on my own g-portal server, there is no server announcement possibility. Asked them in a support ticket along with other stuff and announcement was ignored. Hopefully they will be able to provide an automatic announcement before servers go offline to update and/or allow manual announcement through server management

why does no-one on twitter ever respond to anything? whats the point if you can’t get access to some person who works with conan game?

We get a TON of messages. We can’t respond to every one that comes across Reddit, Steam, Official forums, Twitter, and Facebook unfortunately. I’ve been responding to people on Twitter though? Feel free to check out the dev tracker which shows a ton of replies on Twitter:


This is not the place to argue about which provider Funcom is partnered with. The devs read countless messages across multiple social media channels and cannot respond to literally every single one.

This fixed nothing. Still wont connect and breaks my PSN / Internet… calling sony to tell then your game is breaking their psn and my net connection.

:sob: Nothing change and something happen for the first time, the server crash (again and again) but this time i die with that and when i’m coming Back i got the localisation of my corpse and i remember to be there but there is nothing, it’s steal all my stuff :sob: why the game being worst when you update it ? :sob:

Still only have 15 servers showing up getting tired of this and it’s to late to get a refund

::rubs hands like Mek-Kamoses::

If I’ve got my Dev timeline straight, ohhh man this patch is gonna be good.

I get Zero servers showing up and still breaking my PSN / Internet connection.? a little help here.

If they don’t show up when selecting “officials” from the dropdown menu, can you see if they show up when you write out “official” in the search bar?