PS5 - Game crashes during loading. Singleplayer and Online

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Misc]
Region: [US]

I’ve noticed that similar crashes during loading have been reported on the PS4. However, I’d like to give you additional input as to how the PS5 handles the crashes.

Up until this week I was able to play on the PS5 just fine. It actually runs the game a lot better than the PS4. Of note is faster loading, better framerate, and is able to handle zones with lots of buildings and npcs a lot smoother.

This week the problems started. The game loads to the cutscene and main menus as usual. I am able to navigate to the server selections of the different play modes. When I load into any server or single player game, one of three things happen at random:

  1. It gives me the error “Connection lost. You must be connected to the playstation network.” There is a working internet connection and works with the rest of the games. After around three tries it lets me into the game.

  2. Loading bar gets to around half length. Stops. Around a minute or two the system closes the game and gives a crash notice.

  3. Game loads into the world. I can can actually control the character and menus for around 5 seconds, then the game freezes. At some point I was able to bring up the server player listing, but all it showed was the placeholder info (username WWWWOOOOWWWW and The Amazing Spider Guild.)

The latest PS5 firmware was on 11/25/20. I was able to play under it until Dec 1st. I tried common fixes suggested in the other threads. Uninstalling. Clearing chache. Starting a single player first (it freezes there too.) I also tried using safe mode and using the Rebuild Database system tool to try to detect and fix system problems.

I understand that technically the PS5 isn’t supported yet, but just wanted to bring this issue up. If you want me to try something, let me know.


Update: Console going back to Sony in a coffin. Other games that worked in the past were having other assortment of troubles up to the point of not launching. Considering what a mess the console release has been, I’m willing to bet the game is fine. We’ll see when it gets back from the hospital.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Launch game from dashboard
2.Select Singleplayer or Navigate to any server in any mode.
3.Start singleplayer session / Log into server.
4.Crash occurs during loading screen, or shortly after gaining control of the character.

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Funcom crew won’t likely be back till Monday. There was some one that mentioned that they were picking up the ps5 at launch day. You are the first I have seen.

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