[PS5] Since update 1.93 the game crashes after exactly 1h

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: offline single player

Bug Description:

game crashes after almost exactly 1h since update 1.93

Bug Reproduction:

play the game for 1h

further info:
I am playing on a brand-new 5 day old PS5. There were no crashes prior to update 1.93. Since the update I played the game twice. Both times it crashed. the first time it crashed was after 1h 55s, the second time it occured after 1h 41s.
I do not use mods of any sort and I do not use admin mode either.

both incidents were streamed.


additional info:
I reinstalled the game and it crashed again after 1h. it’s like clockwork. There seems no correlation between what I am doing and the crashes either. It happened while building/placing items, fighting/moving around in the world away from base, as well as simply being idle for less than two minutes while looking something up in the wiki.


I’ve had a very similar experience since this last mini update. also on a new ps5. Two weeks old. I haven’t timed it but approximately 1 hour between disconnects seems about right. Ive also had some texture rendering issues that weren’t present before this update.


I only know the precise time because of my streams. I also noticed that the rendering issue I had on ps4 where textures would render over and over with every minute pan of the cam, has started to crop up on ps5 now too since the update. by far not as pronounced and game/fps breaking as on ps4, but it’s there.
also, it’s not disconnects from a server. it’s the golly old bluescreen

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I attempted to play the game three further times and each time it crashed after 1h as before. At this point there is no point in even trying anymore. I’ve seen through the extreme fps loss on ps4, i’ve found my own fix when the game wouldn’t save progress in singleplayer mode and you pushed me on to playstation support because you were either too lazy or too incompetent (and yes, it was an issue with the game, not playstation), i even bought a ps5 just to be able to continue playing the game when update after update you pushed ‘new’ content, which really is just recycled old content, instead of fixing the bugs and glitches the game has had, some of which since I started playing in 2019. i kept spending money on the game, but this is enough.
i’m saddened to say if this crashing is not fixed in a timely manner, I will be done with the game as well as your company for good.


Unfortunately I also seem to be experiencing this issue peoples. I do not wish to jump to a premature conclusion here, but it is looking increasingly like this is an issue with Singleplayer mode (I am a Singleplayer).

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Exactly the same issue approximately 1hr, also on ps5 and single player, also experience sound lag when around my base if i sprint or interact with things sound lags out then catches up not ideal, scared to do any sort of exploration due to the crash then having to go find my follower afterwards. I did receive an email from funcom saying they aware of the issue but that was a few days ago now, hope this gets fixed soon makes the game un enjoyable knowing it will crash every time

Same issue for me, every hour exactly the game crashes, no matter what I am doing.
I’m fairly new to the game and it’s ruining what is an excellent game.

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