Ps5 Update worse performance?

Did the latest update just made the game worse? I never lag at all and now cant even climb without bouncing back. The jump still glitches out as well

Yes it got worse

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Does that happen in Singleplayer?

I dont do single player but it shouldnt be worse then the update that was suppose to improve things.

Oh weird. I’m in ps5 official PvE and had the opposite experience. For me climbing is rock solid now like the olden days.

Maybe other factors at play for climbing like busier server? They mentioned the climbing issue was rubber-banding so maybe bad network/ping can bring the issue back?

The reason I asked is it might be server/client related, Singleplayer helps rule that out. If its happening there then its definitely not a server issue.

Sometimes network issues can be solved by rebooting the server. They do need restarts every few days.

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Only happens during raid time. Maybe mix with sorc?

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