Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Update Discussion Megathread

When they reduced the bookcase (bleh), the excess DID remain until removed.


I’m still going to repack everything because the risk so too great

ye take things out of the crates too

no more lights, : ( i built a tower with the light pillar in the center i was so cool. what a pity. Recently they changed the zath´s ray that was the same of mitra now they take it all out.


didn’t get this one



Please reconsider this change. It’s integral to aesthetics of so many awesome builds I’ve seen, and also something I incorporate in my own builds. Alternately, please give us a way to activate those beams, even if we have to farm to keep them lit.




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If you take away the lights I say take away the map marker. (Let’s see how many PvPers I can upset)


how could we get this effect now?


: (


I am sorry but I cannot think of any way to sugarcoat this. This is hands down a terrible decision, a blatantly unneccessary one, and another all round example of trying to ‘fix’ what is not broken. So did I somehow miss all of the threads on the forum calling for shrine lights to be removed on the grounds that they are game breaking and totally OP? The T3 shrine lights are a truly beautiful sight to behold in our outstanding game. They represent a delightful, and well earned visual reward for players who invest the time and effort upgrading their shrines to T3. I remember pausing to marvel at mine when I first upgraded to a T3, and on occasion I still do find time to pause and enjoy them. Furthermore, I would assert that they are symbolic of the strong connection the player has forged with that deity. In PvP they are a sign that if you do not take action you may find yourself on the receiving end of a god attack in the near future, and from a PvE creative building standpoint they are an unparallelled blessing.

TLDR: please do NOT remove the lights from T3 shrines!


I second this, you just fixed zaths ray color to remove it in next update?


Added new entry in the changelog:

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I wonder why they thought it was necessary to do this. I have a hunch it’s one of those optimizations where they identified something that ends up being a hog in client rendering so they decided to get rid of it and get some performance back on outdated hardware like PS4. But it’s just a hunch, and I freely admit I’m talking out of my ass here.

It would be interesting to hear the real reasons, but it would be even better if they would reconsider this change. So many of the builds I regularly stop to admire just won’t be the same :frowning:


i think its because they want the event light beam to be visible from far away and stand out, i remember denis mention it during the livestream. i hope the altar light beam removal is only temporary for chapter 3




Might be. Back when i was on PS4, popping 4 T3 Altars close together would ignite booster engines in my ps4.


me too. I took a mental note of it but didn’t think about it too much since it wasn’t a huge deal to me. Although my future plans to make uber cool public map rooms that can easily be found is now back to brainstorming.

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The beam deletion is wack. My in-game craftable painting is going to look like a relic, I suppose we should remove that too.

FYI: Patch takes 30 minutes on Elon’s dish to DL, 4 hours+ to install. On copper takes 4+ hours to DL, 4 hours+ to install. I’d be playing and testing right now on my free afternoon, but that isn’t in the cards.

(To be completely clear: two PCs, two DL environments, same install results.)


keep it pls

This *one will recieve golem creation station


will it be possible to place gates on ceilings or continue just on foundations?