Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Update Discussion Megathread

I just want to say changing the Arcane Curio Cabinet to 40 slots (8 rows) is lame. What is the point of this chest then other than to make it worthless for the space it takes up. please don’t do this.


They looked cool, yes, but it’s good to remove them. They served no real purpose and just lagged the server.


The caravan in the Starter Zone with the haunch is too much.

At spawn I ended up with two canteens, 10/10 fresh starts.

The sun is “locked,” with very little movement.

Unless you are a fresh spawn, your water and food use is way too low. My base toon is at LVL 30 and as I said it ticks down 1 notch in 7 minutes. As a fresh spawn it ticks down about 10 per 7.


Arcane Curio Cabinet=40?
FUNCOM does not understand the effect on the required area.
How can a shelf that big have the same capacity as a chest?
Is there some garbage stuck inside?
Please give a satisfactory explanation.
If the capacity is to be reduced, the size should be the same as the chest.

By the way, in Japan we are very strict about this kind of thing and can be fined by the government.
I am not sure if this applies to this game.

It is actually less. Large chest and cupboard have 45 slots. Large crate has 50 slots.

Guess they don’t want anything you pay for to be better than normal in game items.


So just to check that I am understanding this correctly. Does this mean that the NPC religion trainers we interact with in the Exiled Lands have been removed?? And possibly replaced with a book or a tablet, or now there are only artifacts…?


“Requirements for knowledge-teachers in the world have been removed, meaning - if you find something to interact with, you will learn the recipes as opposed to being blocked from doing so.”

This means you no longer need a specific feat unlocked to learn a specific recipe out in the world.
For example, you need star metal craft knowledge to unlock Black Ice recipes (from what I remember atm). Now you can just learn it even on lvl 1 character.


Thank you for the explanation. @Solome

This is horrible. I mean getting to level 60 now only serves the purpose to level up your stats and thats it.

Guys, I really don´t know what I should think about this new chapter. New event and golems are great, but a lot of the rest they changed I don´t like. I don´t like at all. I mean there is so much stuff in the game that is worth correcting and they are taking the things out that work perfectly fine and nobody asked for. Taking away the altar beams, the requirements, nerfing arcane cabinet into oblivion, no night time and no survival do to nerfing food and water. I still haven´t begun even encounter half of whats new and I am already down to the point that I consider not playing the chapter at all.

Can @Funcom pls not touch the mechanics that are working and we got used to and take care of the stuff instead that doesn´t work correctly? Who is making such horrible decissions in this company right now? How does developer even come up with such ideas? “Oh hey, we haven´t changed this and that yet, lets do it” Really im pretty fed up about a lot of this changes. Because half of them don´t even make sense.


Has anyone been able to find new items in the admin panel that will eventually be bazaar items? I don’t have enough memory on my pc to download the beta and check for myself.

I haven’t tested it, but what I’m thinking is this will effect feats that have more than one requirement. For example, currently the dragonbone feats require star metal tools to learn so if you went down in the sinkhole at level 50, you would have to go back at level 55 after you had learned star metal tools. After chapter 3, you wouldn’t have to go back if you’d clicked on the stone at level 50. In either case, you would not be able to craft the armor or weapons until level 60 when you can make perfected padding or weapon handles.


Anyone found those bloodstone rocknoses or golems yet? Run around a few hours from one rocknose spawn to next one and found none so far.
All youtubers have just used admin panel to spawn either the rocknose/golem or blood stone directly.

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Overall, a very positive list.
This one very excitedly has been watching over a PC possessing friend’s shoulder as they putz around on the server formerly known as testlive.

It is impossible to overstate the exuberance with which this one witnessed a Bearded npc!

Also, when spoiler spoilered the spoiler so much feel. All in all excellent, very very excellent.

This one has two very small and dark points of displeasure.

  1. Small: The curio cabinet… While it should not be PtW, it also should not be a downgrade from existing content. If it’s just a reskin of the Cupboard, let it hold as much as the cupboard and reduce it’s footprint to match. Perhaps a more elegant solution would be to have halved it’s capacity, but increased the material cost to craft and drastically reduced the durability. This is also in the interest of reducing load. Efficient storage, rather than numerous less efficient storage options would perhaps be a boon?
  2. Dark: Not the altar lights! Perhaps dim them? Or offer a turn them off option? Yes yes yes, we must make it easier to spot the event beacon… Perhaps make it an admin toggle? Or even just a localized glow rather than massive spire?

But other than those two little things, this update seems absolutely delicious, this one is extremely enthusiastic to see it in the final version. Gratitude for including the note for modders in the update regarding the display items.

@Wak4863 had an excellent video where he spent some time looking for them with little success, are their triggering conditions known?


Team Conan Exiles. It is currently impossible for those who have fully unlocked sorcery to unlock the sorcerer journey as the tome cannot be upgraded when upgraded to max. Also, Kurak’s armor is not showing up in the knowledge tab. It is showing up when searched, and is craftable, but it is invisible in the pane itself.

Also, for the purposes of the beta test, please consider letting us know the locations for the new monster spawns to harvest blood crystals. It would help us to test that feature.

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To be fair to funcom, they are pretty clearly not deleting night. This is likely to simply be a chapter thing, nothing more. We will lose night for a whole 3 months, and then everything will go back to normal. This is merely to add ambience to the story chapter we are heading into.

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Agree with others, should be more slots than a large chest - what about 60? Even 80? Takes up the space of a heap of chests, should be an upgrade from them.

Would love it if you also removed it in first person when holding construction hammer - just when I have something awkward perfectly aligned I shift my weight and lose it - drives me nuts!

Why unlock stuff from the start and take away the need to go out and explore? Why hand these things to people on a platter? Make us earn this stuff in game, please?

Not sure how I feel about this. I personally find the beams immersion breaking - Conan stories never mentioned rainbow beams coming from altars. But I want top tier altars to seem mystical. Could they have a more localised glow and still appear on the map as a target to attack? Could Yog’s glow be different to Mitra’s glow? Could a 3rd tier Ymir’s altar exude a dry ice effect like we’re at a Spinal Tap concert?

Does this mean any old character will always lose the starting religion feat every time they reset feats? Or just the first time they reset and then they’re ok?

Is “corrently” one of yor #spellchekkererers’ new gooderer wordages? :crazy_face:


Don’t know exactly thats why i asked. Been watching Wak and checked same rocknose spawn areas before. Volcano, Godsclaw, Brimlake, bats tower, all around Sinkhole. But found nothing. Got then bored after roughly 2 hours no progress. :sweat_smile:
Thats why a bit more information would be nice.

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@Funcom-Dana Stuck at 100% Patching since yesterday. The update has not finished installing since yesterday’s download over 12 hours ago. EDIT: It finally finished patching the game.

Hmm I seem to only be able to hang ceiling light at an angle :face_with_monocle:

Hello lads, about new journey system, am i right, it now strict and linear?
You cant choose\complete next step before current one?
1 step - explore smth
2 step - gather stones
So if i choose gather stones nothing happen until i complete 1 step?

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From what I have seen, you can SELECT a journey as along as it is unlocked. You would not have perform the unlocked Journeys in a linear fashion. This is separate from the tasks within a journey, which are linear.

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