Purchase thralls for gold? Isle of siptah

Hi guys,
Can anyone tell me if its possible to purchase thralls on the Isle of siptah?
You can on the exiled lands but I’m new in the isles today and looking for a little headstart. I forgot how bewildering it is to start on a fresh map you don’t know at all.


Pets can be bought on north little island and accursed citadel. Named pups which turn into t4 pets can be found in certain camps around the map. Cursed citadel is hard but you can get yakith pets there.

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It’s not buying a thrall, but there’s a pirate camp on the beach not terribly far from where you can start on the…west coast, I think it is? Go in there, whack everybody, and make sure to loot the one dude holding the cell key. Voila, instant best friend. :slight_smile:

Thank you I found out about the jailer by accident and he’s actually really easy to kill surprisingly. I’ve not got t4 fighters though finally.

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i have purchased the big dog on the big island there are sellers

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