Purge base question

Game mode: [PS4 | PVP] Official Server #3598
Problem: Misc]
Region: [US]

We have a Main base in a T2 area but we have a couple others in T3 areas yet the Purge almost always seems to hit the T2 base no matter what we do. It has on 1 occasion hit a T3 base. All clan members have headed to T3 bases to wait for purge, we have added to T3 bases and yet no matter what the T2 base gets hit. Any suggestions other than removing the T2 base which is a last resort option

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

From my experience, it seems to hit your 1st base more often than others. If that’s the T2 base then removing it would be the best option.

I agree with the first base purge, my first base was always attacked even when i had 5 bases and 5 maprooms around the world.

Hello @Xx_Psycho_1, could you please point out the exact locations where the purge usually spawns, as well as the locations of your bases?

You may do so privately through PM if you’d rather not share this information publicly.

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