What is Going on with the Purge?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: US 3890

Ever since I started this game, I’ve gotten purges at various bases around the map. I have have plenty of space around all my bases for the attackers to spawn. They have always spawned outside the walls, and attacked that way.

Since the patches that “fixed” the Purge, I’ve attackers spawn inside the main walls, but outside the main building. It’s not surprising, because the area is technically outside the fort, since I am using the cliffs on that western side for a barrier.

Saturday, we had a lizard purge. The first wave spawned inside the western tower. Two on the bottom floor, and six on the top floor, five stories up. The second wave is really puzzling. I have a wheel of pain on the west side of the grounds. It sits in a courtyard, with about one foundation of space between it and the main building wall. There are fences around it to keep me from running off the cliff when I regularly crash upon return (See other posts).

I had two friends from other clans with me to assist, and around 20 crocs, komodo dragons, & salamanders appeared in an area about the size of 7 foundations. Right before we started fighting, a giant boss croc appeared to walk out of the building foundation, and he fought half inside the walls, and half outside. He managed to destroy items inside the walls.

The lag was so bad we couldn’t see what we were doing most of the time.

Ever since the Purge fix, everyone on our server has had purges inside their buildings. This is not the way it should be. Somebody fix this. What’s the point of T3 materials to keep them out if they just spawn inside? There’s a whole valley right in front me for crying out loud.

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Don’t forget there was also a period in time where we had no purge yet the event log showed a purge starting and ending with 3 minutes in between entries and the purge meter remained full.

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