Is the Purge still acting up? Possible BUG?

I just had purge start, killed off a bunch of sabretooth, hyenas and goats, there was nothing left anywhere. There was a red X on the map but no attackers. There was no indicator to say that the mob was regrouping. After 5 - 10 min of waiting and searching, I turned the game off. When I resrted, a building foundation block was gone. Is anyone else experiencing issues such as this?

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Yes, they were the minions of Jhebal Sag. My base is in the middle of the Scorpion Den; Finger Fang Rock; Sepermeru and The Unnamed City. There are 3 sections (total of 20 foundation blocks) of my base that are level with the surrounding area. No walls with the exception of my 9x9 building. Most of the attackers were dispathed on the foundation of my base.

De momento e tenido una invasión de bestias cimerios en el volcan teniendo la base principal en el sertor cimeriano y puntuó que ni llegaron acercarse murieron en la lava muchos con nombre de npcs

IME, when this happens it means that some enemies in that wave have either gotten lost (like baby animals wandering away), or that some have spawned under the mesh and can’t escape.

Given that you are near those rusty-red cliffs though, I can tell you that up on the Mounds/Highlands side (i.e. Riversend) purges will definitely fail for this reason because there are two separate terrain meshes that come together – the one with the rust-colored mountains, and the normal ground mesh.

If you or a friend have admin rights on the server you’re playing on, try activating Ghost mode to fly under the map to check for any such stuck enemies. If you don’t, then load up the game in single-player, activate admin mode + Ghost, teleport to that spot and inspect under the map yourself to see if there are any potential problem areas.

In some instances, you may be able to place a few blocks into a shallow recess to prevent purge enemies from spawning in there, but often as not I’ve simply given up on such sites and moved elsewhere because it’s too much of a hassle to deal with such repeated disappointment.

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Thanks for the info, I will try to find another place to build.

On another note…

Do the purge attackers target the closest base to the location where a player is at the time, or is it completely random? ie. If you have a base in the North and another in the East, if you are by the base in the East, will the purge target the North Base?

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If you have multiple bases, it’s random every time on one of those bases. However, they do target the first block you place on the base they attack, keep that little nugget of information for future reference.

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Thanks for the info…I will try to remember that. :slight_smile:

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I’ll Point out, I had one with Spiders… with No spiders. Till I happen upon a small rock with legs sticking out. They had all spawned inside this rock… >_>

Once I broke rock, i got a fun surprise!

Check around area, they can spawn pretty far out, sometimes in water. (they can’t swim, so they stay underwater) Inside large rocks around area.

Worst case, poison arrows map, (you’ll often trigger combat music near them) Or itlest get health bar. (explosives work to for those immune to poison)

If your on SP, Admin Panel and Ghost thru map and check to.

KK thanks

Also keep in mind that the building system is a database. It considers something a new “base” if you set down a foundation/pillar/fence foundation that isn’t snapped to anything else. Thus, if you have a cluster of detached buildings all in the same area, each would have its own record in the building database, and therefore each would have its own first block.

If you are an admin and link everything across the map with decay runners you later delete? Still considered a single base, and only the origin point of it will ever get attacked – at least as the mechanics currently work.

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Thanks for the info and help…Happy Gaming :slight_smile:

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