Purge spawned inside base with total access

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6082

Bug Description:

My base is in an open area, 3sides have access. The 2 wave of the purge spawned inside the foundations and take no damage or do damage

Bug Reproduction:

After the first wave, I cleaned all the bodies up and was putting it away and the 2 wave spawned in my base, I’m guessing because I was in my base


If this happens again can you do me a favor please? Can you check with a repair hammer if your foundations has ownership at the time this incident happens? Too many times my foundations are bugging and loose ownership and somehow i believe this is related to the purge spawn inside issue

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Yes. Yes. Yes. 100% ALERT ALERT ALERT, this is exactly WHY. I’m not sure, are you guys in a solo clan or didn’t bother creating one? Because afaik this doesn’t happen usually if you’re in a clan. Which is why it’s so goddarn important to be in one.

From what I’ve understood is that as long as owned foundations are placed, spawns are blocked. As soon as Ownership shifts, it gets wonky and complicated.

Also because on PC admins can easier administrate but that’s another story entirely.

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By habit only, in solo games (online) my toon is always named Bella (my dogs name) and my clan always Farm & Build. When i accept purge i will surely have the clan created. Maybe this is the reason i never experienced a purge “in house”. But, when i participated in pvp servers and my clan decided to build in bizarre places we had these issues! Only then! In pve servers, that i was playing mostly alone, never. But as i said in the beginning, i was always Farm & Build.
Thanks for providing your experience and knowledge @ForossanFlint

Greetings everyone!

Thank you for all your insights on this issue. We’ve reported the problem and will investigate as fast as possible!

If any more information pops up that might help us with this process, feel free to let us know.


I will, they most of them spawned on top of them only about 3 or 4 spawned inside them

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Yes I am in a clan

Did you create that clan before building or after? Because what I had happen is some ownership issues when creating a clan or changing its name on some servers. Tho the latter seems to be fixed now since 3.0? I dunno what’s up with that maybe the devs know more

It was built after

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