Purge - Base Targeting Issues

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: US

Typing this up to maybe do a gathering of information to see if other people are seeing the same problems, and if so, to help Funcom get some more data if needed.

In my single player testing, when multiple bases are on the map, the Purge has a difficult time in choosing a proper base to attack. When you have a base in the far north somewhere, and a base in the far south, the Purge will target whichever your player is closest to. That’s intended and is working correctly. Though I would like to hear how server owners are seeing things from that perspective on what the Purge is choosing to target.

What doesn’t seem to be working right is when there are two or more bases within the same “map chunk” range of each other. Both during the testlive event, and after the patch I’ve witnessed the same behavior. If you build a base in one part of the grid (say the furthest south of F4), and another base in another part of the grid (say the furthest north of F4), the Purge will target whichever base you built first. It doesn’t matter what the size or quality is of those two bases, it always chooses the first one you built.

Example, I built 20 sandstone foundations right along the edge of F4 and F5. Then, I went towards the bottom of F4 and built 200 black ice foundations. Now the system was supposed to be designed to where it would weigh the value of a base, where the quality and size would have a higher weight in what the Purge chose to attack. Instead, the Purge targeted the 20 sandstone foundation base every time. 20/20 times, it always chose the sandstone base. Didn’t matter if I was standing right next to the black ice base, it always chose the dinky little sandstone base. There wasn’t any type of randomness to it either, which ideally would be something I would prefer so that all bases were under a possible threat of being Purged rather then 1 base.

I would like to see if others are seeing the same thing in Single Player, and to as well get information from Server users on what they’ve seen.

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