Purge difficulty questions

Currently playing on a private dedicated server (PC).
Purge level (difficulty) is set to 6, minimum online player 1

Depending where you base is, you can be hit by several purge types (which are chosen randomly afaik). For more on this see the map at https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge

So, we have a base that could be hit by possibly 5 different purge types.
We have 2 small outpost bases, that could be hit by other purge types.

Question 1: It seems to always target a base closest to the player (don’t have a reliable sample size though). Is that the case?

Question 3: The purge types are set in waves 1 - x, with most having different difficulty thresholds per wave. (example: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Purge_Type:_An_avalanche_of_Rocknoses#Wave_3)

If the difficulty is set to 6, will it always take the wave data with the threshold 6 or could there possibly spawn a lower one?

Edited: Moved down since this question is answered.

As said purge level is set to 6; our base can possibly be hit by two purge types that have a difficulty threshold 1-4, one with 1-5 and two that have a threshold of 1-6.

Question 2: Will we be hit hit by purges that have difficulty threshold 1-6 and never get hit by one with 1-4/1-5?

Update Edit: I further tested this. And seems to be the case. When purge level is set to 6, we only get hit by the two purges with threshold 1-6 (started 30-50 purges). When i set purge level to 4 we will get hit by all 5 possible purge types in that area (tested only about 20-30 purges and we already had all 5 types possible).

Thanks for the help.

I don’t have answers to all your questions, but I believe (or rather, I have been told) that when Purge is set to level 6, you’re supposed to be eligible for all levels of Purges.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if this is kinda bugged, the Purge never really worked 100% as it should but has been in various stages of bugginess since day one. These days I don’t get Purges (I don’t play every day, so I don’t get 'em), consequently my first-hand experience with the latest iteration of the Purge system is non-existent.


In all my “forced” tests, Its fairly seems to be 90% lv1 Purge for area. And any of other is 2-3%

No, but I notice in single Player tend to pick out the one I’m near, (with over 10+ locations in most test runs) I’d say more then 3/4’s it’ll be near me. And every now and then one of other locations.

Online its all over.

As I mention, Most of higher levels seem rare. Not sure if there hidden check values of base value or anything.

Few of “lesser” ones have tougher waves near end. So if you clear waves out quickly, you’ll get something else in later wave.
Good example is starved exiles, half naked thralls attack you, do little damage and don’t live very long. By 4th or 5th wave, You get Black Hands, who are much tougher and better equipped.
So someone on newbie river who does poorly, may never see it. But if they happen to clear them out. May find themselves in a Jam.

Thanks to both of you for your answers. I updated my first post to reflect my latest findings - i investigated question 2 further myself tonight.

With order:

RE: Question1: it happens when you play solo, because the game optimize this way the data it has to load and process (running all on your PC and not on a server wich is usually a more powerful machine :stuck_out_tongue:.)

On online server, even if private, it’s random… But: the chance of a base to be target of a purge is influenced by its dimension, a bigger base have always better chances to be targeted, also remember each unconnected building is a “base” elegible to be targeted from a purge event, so if you have a base composed by 3 different buildings, they are 3 different bases for the game.

Obviously being a random process where only chances change, coincidences are always possible. Me too for a while had the same impression you had, but than having 10 consecutive purges in the longer time unvisited of my bases I changed my mind about it :wink:

RE: Question3: the level in settings as to be intended as maximum level. But the purge event could spawn at a lower level.

I’m not sure if your question was that or was “Each wave can change difficulty level ?” in that case I’m not 100% sure but in my experience the answer is “no”.

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