Purge difficulty vs. threshold

Sorry, if it was asked/answered before, but recently I started messing around with purge settings. (PvE single player via admin rights)

If I set the purge difficulty (or level) option to 6, the maximum, will it mean purges with threshold 1-4 (like relic hunter scouts) won’t attack my base, only 1-6 threshold ones? Or does it mean that I can get the lower threshold ones from 1 UP TO 6?

So do I have to lower it to have a chance to all of the purge types in a given area? Or if I leave it on 6 all kind of purges could attack my base?

My englis understandig is not the best, please note that :grinning:

If your purge setting is maxed, then you have the chance of spawning the highest difficulty purges. Sometimes they will spawn lower difficulty purges, but there is always a chance for higher if your setting is at 6. The difficulty also depends on where you build.

Below is a link to the purge wiki which should answer all of your questions:

Yes. Max purge settings is setting THE LOWEST Purge level you can get. Relic hunter scouts has maximum Purge level of 4, so this type of Purge will never spawn.

If you want to experience ALL possible Purge types, set Purge level to 4. This way you have a chance to trigger Purge anywhere across the hole map.
What kind of Purge type you will actually get is dependent on where you build your base. For example, if you have a base in a Sepermeru area, let’s say somewhere in B8, you will only get 4 Purge types - Relic Hunter scouts, raid of Relic Hunters, plague of locusts or nest of scorpions.

Thans guys! I read the wiki but I did not find the answer for my question (or I just didn’t understand the description fully), that’s why I asked here.

So if I leave it on difficulty 4, and my base is near the frost temple and have an outpost in the vulcano (and some in the jungle, desert, near sepermeru) I can get any type of purges, including votaries, frost giants, relic hunters…?

Also: if the purge bar turns violet, that means they found my base. Let’s say I’m at oasis of nekhmet, one of my outposts is there. That should mean the purge will attack that base, which means I’m gonna get scorpions/locusts to attack (current setting is level 6).
But in the meantime if I move somewhere else for example into the volcano, I get the silent legion one. But I wasn’t in the volcano when they found my base, so technically they found the outpost in the desert.
It worked like this 100% of the time, I got purges every 2 days roughly (PvE single player, low prerequisites).

Is this the intended behavior of the purge system?

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