Purge not working for some people

I rent a private server for PC, and me with one more person don t have purge. Meter is full, tried everything. Reset meter by creating and disbanding clan, no clan, with the clan, with the clan who have purges, restart character, our bases just not getting attacked. 6 bases in different map areas with different tier, defense etc. Tried use console, nothing. Other people having 3+ times per day.
Not sure where is the problem. I use admin as the other person as well to help people or build public buildings.
Settings are: lvl6 purge, 3k actions to fill meter.
PVP-RAID TIME-PURGE TIME have same start hours.

any solutions how to fix this?

A lot of people are actually saying this in the forum. It’s still broken despite the many patches released.

The solution I see is that purges should be a timed event so there should be a guaranteed purge after a set amount of time. This way at least everyone can prepare.

I dont want to wipe server, me and other person suffer without purges and keep people happy by keeping their great work not wiped. Hope there is a work around this issue so we can have full game experience. Rented server to run away from 30fps servers, got 60fps and its amazing, untill another problem with purge show up :confused: