Purge Seems to Be Bugged on my Profile

Game mode: both Online and Single-Player
Problem: Performance
Region: U.S.

I’ve been playing Conan Exiles regularly since it was released as a free PSN+ game, and have had no issues except with Purges, which is honestly the game mechanic I was most excited about. I love building a base and preparing its defenses for enemy attackers. But since I’ve gotten the game, I have only experienced 3.5* purges through all game modes (*the half is because I got one that was bugged and no enemies showed up, so essentially I finally filled the purge bar, and it glitched and didn’t work). I experienced one in a private server which worked completely fine, 2.5 more in an official server 3501, and none in single-player (although I don’t play that much).
The problem I experience is that my purge bar grows excruciatingly slow on official servers. I’ve played months at a time where I log on consistently every day for at least 3.5 hours (farming mats, crafting, building, and killing animals, aka playing the game like normal). My purge bar does go up, but super slowly. I’ve been in the same server with other friends in different clans that play less than me that have filled their purge bars in 2-3 days just by themselves. Every player I meet, and every forum I see online talking about purges makes it seem like others get them usually every other day or at the very least weekly if they play regularly. I have tried every tip I’ve seen online, and nothing has helped. I’ve experienced this on 4 separate official servers, but primarily on 2 main ones (3501 and 3512). This has led me to believe that maybe my PSN profile is bugged with purges or something, and thus why I am reaching out now.
In server 3501, I had previously been solo in no clan (my purge bar does seem to work, but extremely slowly like I have said), but I found some advice that creating a clan would help, so I did that, and just have a clan of one. After doing so, my purge bar went to 0 (was previously at 1/3 full after 2 months of consistent play), and for the past 2 days (in which I have played probably a total of 8 hours - building T3 structures, farming, and killing animals), the purge bar has not gone up at all and still remains at 0.
I don’t understand what is happening, and I just want my purges to work like everybody else. What do I do to fix this?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Boot up Conan Exiles
  2. Play the game
  3. Experience extremely slow purge growth (and now no purge growth)
  4. Never experience a purge
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Join a big clan. Build massively and uou will experience purge every 2 days. If you still want to play solo, farm a lot in the unnamed city. Plus until you will have a purge don’t change the server you play

We (3 players) got the same “bug” or whatever it is. After playing 3 days “hardcore” (4 hours a day) we had just 20 % of the purge meter filled. On day 4 we all had some real live stuff to do and realized on day 5 that the purge meter has fallen back to 0 … we play on the official server 3030.

I really love the game and played it since early access … first on pc, now on ps4. I love a lot of the game features, but I am disappointed about the purge system. Why does there even exist a purge reset in such a way? Just make a 7/14 day reset if nobody logs in like to the other features (building, thralls).

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I 100% agree with you

Hi @Porkins14, welcome to the community!

Purge setting on official servers are geared towards middle-sized clans, so when playing solo (within a clan or not) its expected that the purge bar fills slowly.

There are, however, a few issues that might prevent the purge score to increase as expected after joining a clan, such as using older crafting stations built before joining a clan or even new ones within a base that has been built before joining as well, would either of these apply to you?

In any case, we’ll be sure to register the shared information for the developers to look into.

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I have crafting stations created before joining a clan, but my base is kind of both “old” and “new”. I have been upgrading it over a long period of time, and created a clan for only me while in the middle of that upgrade.
If the purge bar doesn’t increase because my base is “old”, that seems like a serious glitch that needs to be fixed. Because the only fix on my end would be to destroy the base I have been working on for several months. Which may or may not even fix the issue.
What would be really nice is to have more transparency on how the purge truly works from the developers. You say it’s geared more towards middle-sized clans. What are the mechanics that do that? Because I’ve also heard that it doesn’t matter how many of one type of actions a clan performs, it all just counts as one every 15 minutes, which would seem to imply the purge is for any size clan. But maybe there is a multiplier for more active clan members or something of that nature. Either, way most player are not aware exactly how it works. If the developers went more into depth on how exactly they work, players of all styles can try to gear their play to accommodate those mechanics accurately instead of blindly guessing what they should do based on non-concrete info that is available.
That said, thank you for your response and advice. I pose my questions above in general, not in frustration at you (I added this later because it read that way to me unfortunately when I looked it over again). Hopefully the developers can take a look into this.

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