I need tips on lagtastic purge


Platform: PS4
Server: Black Reign (PVE)

I’ve been playing Conan Exiles on PS4 for over a month now. My clan is small at only 5 members. Although this isn’t a PvP server, we have issues with the Purge. Mostly because the admin keeps changing settings and we get this strange occurrence when purge NPCs will appear INSIDE our base. The server generally doesn’t lag much, unless you go near certain bases that are super sized builds. Then its like watching stop motion…its bad. But recently we have been getting bad lag during the purge attack.

Other issues include:
-Purge NPCs warping up un-climbable hills.
-Lag causing NPCs to warp around map during purge fights.
-NPCs not showing up for purge at all even though I have a red marker on my base. (are they stuck under map?)
-Considered talking to the server admin but we have no clue who they are or how to find them. (Any tips on that?)

I wanted to post a link to my YouTube video showcasing our current clan base build, but apparently I cant do that…yet?..maybe? IDK but any advice or tips on purge defense is welcome. Especially tips for defense when the server lags.

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