Server 1012 PvE Purge never happen


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Purge never happen

Purge never happen. Purge bar dont increase.


Purge is turned off from all servers i think


Incorrect - See the Notes in below link.

Also, @Siskroh your issue may be found here: :orange_book: Purge#Known issues on the Official Conan Exiles Wiki.

You may mark your own thread as resolved. If you think this is not a duplicate issue, please clarify its symptoms further.


They’re just bugged out for most servers. Not much that can be done, sadly, aside from waiting for Funcom to fix it.

I have heard people say that it is the gPortal servers that are screwy, so if you can move to another hosting provider it may work.


Officials are all hosted at gportal. I can confirm that the purge there is not working. They have several config issues aswell and ignored my bugreports 4 months ago. After switching to nitrado the purge is working. Others reported that they switched to dawn-server and now they have a purge too.
Cant find one gPortal server wirh a working purge.


month of play without purge is realy frustrating.

this is a realy big gamefeature. and i think i dont close the thread. maybe there is a official statement coming? :rofl:


Pleasy see Posting from Kharnarius

" [Kharnarius]

Same here.

Purge meter was working until 23.10., but the purge didnt trigger. Someone from gportal messed with the config and “fixed” a typo. After that the purge meter stopped working at all.

Others switched provider and reported a working purge. Now I’m playing somewhere else and the purge is working there too.

@Jens_Erik Could you please inform the coder that he might want to look into ClanScoreUpateFrequency since gportal fixed that typo to ClanScoreUpdateFrequency inside the server config. My purge meter stopped working after they did this “fix”. ^^"


I’m not even sure who’s most to blame: gPortal for “fixing” things without checking it works, or Funcom for still having typos like that 1½ years after launch. Or both for not doing something about it in all the time since then.


yep. but no matter… fix it! :sunglasses:


We have already informed Gportal about this error and they will correct it. :slight_smile: But be aware that this might not completely fix the Purge and that we will continue to work on it.

Who is super lucky: Who got a working purge? How did purge break for you if it did?

thx :slight_smile:


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