PS4 bugs, no purge, body disappears on death, and more

Ok Funcom, I have been playing PVE on an official server. When I die, it’s a roll of the dice so to say if I will find my body and recover my loot or not. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. This is extremely frustrating. Also why is there no purge in PVE? My purge meter has been full for a few days now. When I dodge, my character will roll back into spot as if he was attached to some giant invisible rubber band. And the lag. Good god the lag. So many people have built these big mega structures that any time I get close to one the game lags out horribly, even to the point that it freezes at times. From reading all the comments on here it seems you guys have an angry mob on your hands. I’m even getting to the point to where the game is about to be deleted off my system. I love the concept and enjoy survival/crafting games but this is ridiculous! When are we going to get theses major issues fixed? Your newsletter doesn’t offer anything other than a statement saying you guys are working on it. Nothing in the forum to state when a new patch is coming out to fix all of this. We paid you guys for a fully working game. Many others and I feel you guys just put out a broken game and collected your paychecks for it. Doesn’t seem you are to concerned with fixing the game.


I agree with S77V12, it’s has been 2 - 3 days ago before i last play conan exiles becaurse off these bugs on trall training and the rest is going on the server, and it been almost a week and still nothing has change still trall bugs and wat not, you guys need fix it real fast or this game wil be you doom for company.


If you think that’s bad my clans purge meter has been completely full for 4 weeks now on server 3734

Oh wow. Yeah man it’s horrible. My two other clan mates and I play on 3730. My one bud says they will probably never put a purge in PVE because the buildings are set to indestructible so even the environmental enemies can’t do any damage to structures. Idk man.

I speak about all bugs in the game so far