Purge and its issues

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

Apart of purge still spawning on top of bases or inside cliffs or stucked there is another issue which makes the game unplayable.
Let’s say you have a purge of humanoids - cultists, razor cooks, etc and they spawn in a closed space with not much space for you to run around. You start killing them and of course since they are coming in big numbers especially on a lvl 6 purge the number of bodies will go up.
This will leave you with a big lag, not enough time between waves to use a skinning knife on all of them and fps rate will be at an unplayable rate.
I had recently a purge of humanoids(forgot which) of 6 waves and they were over 300 bastards to kill. I ended up killing 2 t4 thralls because it was impossible to make a difference between who is who.
Either decrease the number of how many spawns or do something so there won’t be so laggy after 10-15 bodies.
It’s the same when doing a mass pvp and people die over and over and come back for more. after 20 bodies the area is very laggy. I’m using a normal ps4 so not sure how this is going on ps4 pro.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Purge level 6, get a purge of humanoids of at least 2 waves
  2. Start killing them especially in a small space

Hey @mihai08, thank you for your report, we’ll also need you to share a few additional details if possible:

Can you confirm that this is happening in an official server?

Could you share a few screenshots of the area where you are defending against these purges, together with an estimate of the amount of followers, buildings pieces, decorative placeables and light sources?

Below is my base, that’s all, small not a castle, 4 thralls and every worker at their benches( 10 workers).
The doors on the right have 2 small rooms that can fit 4-5 benches very close to them.
In the other picture is the place purge spawns
Private server

Thank you, could you also share any non-default purge settings?

Purge lvl 6
Purge delay 5
Prep time 5
Duration 60
Minimum 1 player online
Building allowed
Trigger value 37000
Update interval 7

We appreciate the additional details, this performance issue has been registered for our team to look into.

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