Purge spawn help!

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Ok so why are purge enemies still spanwing inside of bases? i thought this had been fixed long ago?

Our base has access to all sides of it, the boss and other enemies all spawn outside but some (mainly the boss) will vanish and spawn inside our base at the top of our central tower and proceed to destroy it from the half inside / outside glitch its in…

3 purges this has happened on all rocknose avalanche…

I have contacted FUNCOM twice on twitter no response… hoping to get something from here…!!!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @zousug, this was already addressed in one of the latest PC patches, so the fix will be present in the upcoming console patch as well.


Oh great thank you… do you know when the console patch will be out?

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We’re unable to provide any ETAs but it should be within the next month.

Does this mean purges will nolonger spawn inside of mountains/hills? Or is it just inside of player structures?

Was this part of today’s patch or a future patch?

I’m still stuck on the purge