Purges glitching out

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug
Region: [oceanic playing on American server

I’ve got a base that spans the river on N6/7, every time I get a purge that spawns from the northern side of the base the enemies appear to get stuck in the wall, or generally fail to spawn meaning that the purge grinds to a halt because enemies are still alive and the next wave can’t spawn

I’ve tried shooting has at the area and nothing happens so either the gas doesn’t penetrate the terrain or doesn’t penetrate far enough to hit the enemies

It has happened with lizards, razor gord’s kitchen staff and snakes

Attached image of where the base is

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a base in the marked area
    2.build purge meter
  2. Purge can’t complete

I have the same issue. It’s gives pudge countdown. I arrive at my base and nothing shows up. One time they got stuck in the rock next to my base.

Same issue the event log will say purge has started. Purge has ended. Purge has started. Purge has ended. Etc, Over and over like 20x in the event log. If a screenshot is needed I can get one.

Hi @Tytan, thank you for sharing this with us, we’ll register this information for the developers.

@Babyfacekane Welcome to the forums! Could you share the location and purge type in the same manner as the first post? Is it happening in online or offline mode?

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