Purified water - cooling down

On my server, using purified water give a cool down effect.
Was this changed and meant as new feature ? I don’t think so.

Usually purified water allowed to drink while in the cold, and not have a cooling effect. What would be the point of making them, i can drink at my waterskin.

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I use them to make Aloe Soup, the best healing food.

I agree, but anyway, pureified water was still used to replace normal water while in the cold.

So my question here, intentional change, or simply bug ? I can live with a change, but bugs can be corrected.

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They added the cooling effect to nearly all water Sources with the december patch.
It now includes drinking from rivers and Ponds as well as nearly every crafted source of water, with the exception of Highland berry juice. Or other stuff that explicitly warms you.


ok, thank you for the answer.
There made so many change, did oversee this one. I can live with it like i said, just i want know. :wink:

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The point to purified water is the stacking to 50. Waterskin only have 10 uses to the slot, purified water has 50 uses per slot. I still use waterskin, easy to maintain and use on the run.

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You could use water vials instead. They only give 4 uses each, but they stack to iirc 10. You also don’t lose the glass when you drink it.

The other point is they’re scroungeable. If you’re running back to grab what remains of your stuffs after PVP headcrushing, NPC water starting at the Darfaris is the way to go. If it freezes you, this changes one’s semi-nude calculations.

Tha’ts was the question of the post at start. Did they change the way it’s working.

And answer was yes, it was changed, and now gives a cooling effect like all water sources.
As long as i know, i can act accordingly, and that’s fine to me.

The rest is community arguing like mostly. :grin:

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