Purple textures

Are the purple textures fixed ? I really want to play again felt like months

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if you are talking about the ps4. Yes. there are texture issues and even stability issues

PC also have same issue. I mean with purple textures

Quick question, but are these textures just hanging around the whole time you guys are playing the game or something? Because for me they are only visible for at most a few seconds after the loading screen and go away as soon as the normal textures start rendering in. Which is in no way game breaking or unexpected behavior.

I’ve played games in the past where it was completely normal to have to sit and wait for several minutes while the models and textures load in. Even tried out Second Life back when that was the big thing and if you went somewhere dense and heavily populated, well before you could even move you could spend fifteen or twenty minutes just watching grey geometric objects pop into existence and slowly take the form of buildings and furniture and other people. Even longer if some troll jumped in and set loose his self replicating penis object.


I was thinking the same thing. The ‘fix’ would simply color the textures a neutral tone and most wouldn’t notice it. But then it would be hard to notice when there is actually a problem.


The purple is even in the devkit at initial load of static mesh and foliage in the devkit. Its a deeper issue than a simple fix I would guess.

its to do with texture pool / streaming. Its probably due to overcorrection on memory pool management in 3.0


Well that’s really the question I’m asking, and yes, I’m asking seriously. Is it even an issue? Or have people just gotten so spoiled with instant gratification that they don’t even have the patience to cook a cheap microwave dinner?

I can understand if they’re around for twenty or thirty minutes or something, but if they’re only there for less than a minute or so as the real textures load into memory, then I don’t see why that should be considered unplayable.

So what kind of time frame are we talking about here?

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Oh yeah its not unbearable to me at all. For me its just a flash, but I actually bet Funcom cares about it more than we do. Its a visual polish thing that you see every game session that doesnt belong. I bet it irritates den to no end.

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The purple textures are there permanently, at loading obviously, but then after moving around too. For example, if I enter my base spend there 40 seconds and exit to the garden there are already again purple texture there, yes for a couple of seconds, sometimes minutes. But then again if I stay there 40 seconds and come back inside my home the purple texture are there again. So yes it’s not comfortable to play like that, and IT SHOULD NOT be that way. Previous 3.0 update I haven’t seen 1 single purple texture in hundred of hours of gameplay.

I’ve only seen purple teytures at loading once.

But, and I ask you guys for your experiences: do you see distant, usually furry animals (wolves and lions mainly) with their fur colored blueish, purplish, greenish? In the distance their fur looks colored, but when I approach them, the problem is gone.

Ah, ok. So it’s not that they’re just hanging around. It’s that they reappear whenever something has to be rendered on the screen, even if it’s already been rendered shortly before and you’re just moving between rooms in your base. Yes, that would be distracting.

If possible, would you or somebody else experiencing the same issue be able to upload a video of this happening? Mainly for reference and documentation purposes. I’m sure the devs would appreciate it as well.

I see it all the time. And my PC is not old or slow.

They’re not purple. It means the textures are not loading properly.
So, it’s not a texture colour problem, it’s a texture loading problem. Still, it seriously needs fixing.

Rtx 3080, i9 10th 10900k, 32gb ram, 2x 1tb SSD
So doubt it’s my specs.

It’s a common issue. And been seen it on every stream I’ve watched aswell. Also everyone I spoken to has the issue.

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absolutly, I have both a high-end pc and a low-end PC and the problem is present in both.

is there a date ? I really want to come back

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pretty sure the “textures” being purple cant be changed, because its a shader rendering issue not a texture issue and what you are likely seeing is the normal map layer before the shader compiles fully (normal maps being purple)

It can be fixed since there was not there previous 3.0

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there wasn’t a lot of things pre 3.0, can it be fixed yes, will it ??? look up yamatai armor texture bug

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