Put on Purple II - Memorial Good Byes, Thank you Audio Files

On Saturday, Aug 4th from 2-6 PM EDT The Secret Buzz and Radio Free Gaia will be hosting the Put On Purple II Fashion Show and Fundraiser for MadLyric, whom we lost recently.

I am encouraging those who knew MadLyric to make an audio file and send it to me to be played during the show. It can be a good bye or a favorite memory or whatever is on your heart. To submit a sound file to be played during the show:

  1. It has to be in wav or mp3 format
  2. Use a good microphone. Doesn’t have to be great but if it is hard to understand, it won’t be played.
  3. Has to be under 30 seconds.
  4. Submit the sound file to csus.psyc@gmail.com. If the file is too large for whatever reason, you can upload it to Google drive and email me the link.

Hope to see you Saturday! Wear your best purple in honor of MadLyric, a wonderful and kind person whom our community is little less bright now that she is gone.

You can find more details about the Put On Purple II Fashion show and Fundraiser here Put On Purple II - Fashion Show & Fundraising Event (4th of August)


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Thanks Andy <3