PVE-C server #1042 goes down at the same time every evening

For over a week PVE-C server #1042 on PC has gone down around 9:15-9:30 PM CEST for several hours without fail. Sometimes it will come back up randomly for less than a minute, then go down again right away, and sometimes it won’t come back online at all. Either way, the server is inaccessible for hours every evening. If this is the only time you can play, then you’re SOL.

People have been reporting this every day, but the issue persists, and it’s stretching people’s patience to the limit. I feel nothing is being done with the reports, and I would very much like confirmation that whoever is passing information along is aware of the issue. The server going down is one thing. When it goes down every day at the same time, it’s systematic and beyond reasonable. For a company that specializes in MMOs this is an especially bad look. This shouldn’t be happening.

The same happens on PVE-C server #1043 on PC . Not 100% shure about the time though, around 10 pm.

And today is no exception. Down again.

same as server 1044

It’s still down four hours later. What are you people doing over there? Is anyone even reading this?

Basically I came to make the same post. It crashes more than once every day, but for sure always during the times mentioned.

Perhaps as a favour Funcom could change the server settings so unconscious people can’t be killed or looted till they fix whatever the hell is wrong with the server, it would be nice.

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