PvE-Conflict US West not showing, East has wrong server times

Anyone able to see the US West Conflict servers. Their is a reddit post from Jay saying that 6 were added to US west in the #18__ range. None of them are showing up.

When I logged into the east version they were showing up about 8 hours ahead of where they should have been for server time.

I too encountered the server time bug. Want to find a server that’s closest to CST and is pve-c but can’t currently.

I went with the best ping. Dont care where it is.

I don’t see any conflict servers at all. What am I doing wrong in my search? All i see is regular PVE.

They’re under PvP-fast right now .

Ya, I thought about doing that but we were going for a pvp/purge timeframe we would be around for and with a kid and job I need the westcoast time servers to ever see a purge.

Same. The time for those servers would line up much better for me and my clan than an East Coast server would. I want to play, but there’s no point in having to start over a third time once the WC server actually do come out.
I just wish they would give, at the very least, an update on the ETA or a close guesstimate.

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