The time on EU PvE Conflict server is messed up

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU]

[The time on EU PvE Conflict 1213 is messed up. Pls tell to your admins.thx]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just enter on server and look into server local time, is messed up with US time not Moscow time(as right)

UPDATE 2. After set time to moscow pvp not woked propertly, its not activated in 5-11 pm, just login in this time and u see.

After restart time is worked but in pvp pm pvp not activated, pls check

Looking into it, thanks and sorry for the trouble!

We still haven’t pvp in pvp time on our 1213 eu conflict server. Its a bug?
Im sure its jus need some attention of your admins. Please…

This mess! You changed the server time to Moscow, and PVP still does not work for us !!! How many more tickets do you need to send to your support team so that you can fix it? The letters do not answer, about Russian players generally forgotten! PvP does not work on all our PVE-C servers!!!

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@AndyB maybe u can report this to admins ?
Afflicted servers is EU 1213 1214 1215

@Spynosaur_Nicole no action has been taken so far

well, we asked the Server for the PVE-conflict, apparently the Funcom staff did not bother and gave us a copy of a simple PvE server! Where is the promised PvE-conflict server?

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Indeed. @Jens_Erik

Omg, when you do something with unworked pvp time… p l e a s e