PvP and protection gear: question/ clarification

Greetings fellow savages. I have a question.
As a barbarian, is protection more important than combat rating? Should I rather choose a protection item even if it lacks combat rating or rather choose an item that has a mix of both protection and combat rating?

And finaly: Does your answer apply to both duells and mini-games?

Edit: Is the answer the same no matter the class you play?

Yes prot is realy important in minigames especially on a melee toon as u may take heavy magic aoe dmg being in the frontline. Of course if there are few magic users on enemy team then u might be better off using rings that focus more on dmg stats. In duels vs melees dmg stats is prefered.

Im new to the game, so not so sure how many of the classes dont use magic? I mean its not only casters that use magic, so against what classes can i go damage gear?

Apart from casters there is sins, hox, and dt that use alot of magic dmg.