PVP Official Raided during non raid hours

Me and my clan have been raided during non raid hours, we were built up with T3 and were all almost level 60. We have been raided several times now and every time it is when raiding is disabled. not sure where or who I need to talk to but this needs to be looked into by someone. Its hard to play a game when every time you get on and grind for weeks, then its destroyed every other day or so by a hacker… Its not the purge, we’ve all checked our purge meter and it is definitely someone using explosives to get in, but they’re doing it during non raid hours… help would be much appreciated.

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Same here. Please, Funcom, let us know if we can ban players that violated time restrictions?
We have “Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs” files for the events of bombing bases out of RT in addition there is a steam-proof screenshot of people there. Can we call to order this bad behavior?

EDIT: And I’ve reported the bug already, you can indeed blow bases out of RT :frowning:

The fix for this particular exploit will be out when the Pet Patch comes to Live. It is already fixed in Testlive (according to Funcom Reps). My guess would be the end of this upcoming week or very shortly after.

They should release a hotfix for that asap, a lot of ppl are already doing that in several servers, its a caos.


I want to note the poster above that is complaining has been offline raiding us. I have screenshots to back it up. So its hard for me to believe what he is saying when he is doing it to us. Let me know if you would like to see the images and logs and I will gladly provide them.


I have not been on alot lately but I been playing along time with the people in the clan I am in, and I have never seen them use a game exploit or hack, there was issues on the server when we go there with a large group that was hacking (speed hacks, and other game exploits) and they have one person come on and off I have noticed that has dropped their clan tag. One reason I gave up on this game too is lack of support and raid hour bs. Also please allow new users to upload images @■■■■■■


Here is the poster above offline raiding us this morning.

This was this morning as he was abusing the raiding hours and taking out sections of our wall at the spire base.


I do have more if you would like for me to provide them.


Section of the wall to the right blown out along with straight on in from of character. The other member they had on with him was Jacobis911.

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Bump for a response from a Dev regarding the issue I posted above. @Tascha

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Maybe you should read some other threads as well.

@ krampe - I did and that doesn’t work for me.

I posted definitive proof of these guys exploiting and I want something done. Not a generic copy and paste text that its gonna get resolved in the next week or 2 or month that the patch comes out. If that’s what I am gonna get then why is anybody surprised anymore when more and more of the player base start exploiting just to survive.

At this rate I might as well pack it up and move with my members in the clan back to Rust. Give me the ability to either fight back and open up PVP to 24/7 at least till you fix the exploit or remove these guys off the server.

They can shoot me a personal message if they don’t want to post their response on the forums. I don’t care. I just want a answer.

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That wasn’t a generic text - it was in direct answer to the issue which we are currently building a patch for to hotfix live with.

We are aware and we are fixing it.

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But are you going to ban anybody?


I saw the post with proof above, and the Arab clan dude should be banned for sure. Proof was asked for it looks like and delivered. so ban them.


There is photographic evidence and someone mentioned it above too it shows cheating. Law enforcement use it for catching guilty parties and as you can see photographic evidence! Please ban the parties mentioned as well clan members as it not fair for others that play the game and do not exploit the game! Other developers would be all over this (Rust, Arc,etc …) Thank you ■■■■■■.


Official server 1322 PVP. Avatar named WATER7EVEN. Raiding regularly outside raid hours.

I guess if nothing is being done we should all just start fighting fire with fire! Bring on the offline raiding full time until they make examples of some of these folks.

Get your jars out boys!

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