1774 RBW Clan exploiting off hours raiding


We have a group of players from the RBW (Raw Booty Warriors). That is currently exploiting off hours raiding. I have images posted below.

This was this morning as he was abusing the raiding hours and taking out sections of our wall at the spire base.


Just so you know. The_A_Rab_Gunner is a member of RBW. He had another clan member on by the name of Jacobis911.

Section of the wall to the right blown out along with straight on in from of character. This is a member of RBW clan.

List of their members below.

  1. asevedoj
  2. The_A_Rab_Gunner
  4. Drippy Drain
  5. TheMightyPelegro
  6. Jacobis911

These guys need to be banned from the server.


So is he blowing up stuff after or during raid hours?

This is during non pvp hours.


I haven’t seen this myself sorry to hear those dirt bags doing that I wish I had a fix for you need to report this in the exploit hunter forums to get results you already included time stamps and pictures just put that all there

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The exploit hunters form is not for reporting people, it’s only for exploits…

Maybe the Harassment and Griefing Issues could help you HMR85, but I don’t know what @Tascha thinks of this yet really.

FYI this exploit (if you didn’t know) is getting fixed real soon.

I do realize this is a exploit and I am hoping they can take care of the problem now. Why do my guys need to deal with this until then IMO.

Due process bro there is always process in doing things

Super lame exploit. Some jabrony did the same thing to my base.

Bump for a reply. I would like a answer on this.

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