Base got Raider after 17:00-23:00 time by the buggers/glitchers kids clan!

Hello, today I want to write report about clan of glitchers and buggers from the official 3150 Conan Exile server. Clan “EL Ragnarok”, last night those kids use “Thrall Bug” to hit our base when we was sleeping, they use Thrall to attack other player/monster close to the wall and use shield to block it but walls get hit by the thrall, what is the point of play when anyone can ride u anytime even after the raid time 17:00-:23:00, this glitcher use a lot of other glitches and bugs I have proof for it, Funcome please ban those kids even for one week for destroy ur great game, we all should report glitchers/buggers and they should know they cant do it without punish, sorry for bad English but Im still learning. I have photo of the journal ■■■ a proof but I cant upload it becouse Im new user … where can I report it together with photo as a proof ?

Thats not a glitch so its not banable. Its very much a tactic many people on PvE use. You should log off safely to avoid this. Safely meaning store all your stuff thats on you away before you log off.

You cant truly be raided on PvE anyways no one can open your chests

Well it is a bug abuse, there is a specific time to destroy buildings at PVP servers 17:00-23:00 and nobody should be able to destroy base in anotcher time, whats the point of set specific raid timer when some kids can destroy ur base when u are at work ? this kind of things should be banned, 1 week ban for glitching kids and they never do it again.

just look at the time, its EU official serv when riding is able from 17:00-23:00


as @SindeeSyringe pointed out, this is not a bug, it’s a tactic.

It is not a tactic you like, I get it, but it is a tactic that you can counter with base design and thrall placement.

My recommendation is to review how you have your base set up, where your sleeping quarters are, and how off-line defense will work.

Best of luck.

the problem is its not a “tactic” dude, server info/rules says that u can destroy buildings at specific time and its 17:00-23:00 eu time, when someone come to offline raid at 4 at night me using a bug when I sleeping and yes it is a bug cause ur building shouldnt be able to be destroyd than it ruin a game, Im not able to be 24/7 online cause I got work/ life and its not acceptable when kids just waiting for u to go sleep to offline raide u using a bug, problem is that thrall wont attack the bug using thrall after 17:00-23:00 so how can I fight with it with good thrall placement dude, u dont know what u are say.

I dont have any problem that I got raided when it is in 17:00-23:00 eu time, than yes he can use his thrall or anything to destroy my buildings and its fine, my problem is that he is doing it after the time when normal player cant counterattack his buildings u get it ?

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